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Disc based gaming makes also much less sense currently than ever. I purchased this as a gift/surprise for my father who is a substantial fan of gears. I imagined popping in the disk, downloading the day1 patch and also playing throughout a lot of of the night together. Unfortunately it seems Gears has a various plan, as we"re now three hours deep into a 54gb download for my disc based game. Let this serve as a warning to anyone considering buying physical.

Also, anyone have actually any principle how to circumvent this? It"s very frustrating, even via a very great internet connection (downloading and install at 16MBps, pretty a lot as fast as steam)


Well, games these days install to your hard drive. You buy a physical disc, it installs and also still calls for a disc. So I don"t believe that 54 gigs is all a downfill.

I think the patch itself is 11 gigs and it"s reasonably slow this day for just about everyone.


burban_snake: Yeah sound shitty male. I don"t see it going away either given exactly how points save going. WWE 2k17 has actually a 11 GB day one patch.

Can"t view any means about it either. Maybe sneak in and also pre-pack the surpclimb gift next time...

csl316: I understand thats typically exactly how it is, yet just based on the install time sitting at over 3 hours now and also just being at 50%, I really am not persuaded at this point that its not just entirety hog downloading


I know someone that had actually this difficulty via The Division and also ended up with two sepeprice versions. One downloaded and also the various other mounted from disc. Unfortunately they couldnt accessibility the downloaded version without the disc. I"m not fairly certain just how it happend and it sucks that it did. Personally I didnt have this problem yet if it happens aacquire (through another game) I recommfinish stopping the download deleting it and trying aget.

That"s weird, I do not have an XONE yet if this taken place to me, I would certainly try to sheight the downpack, delete it, unplug the console from the internet, then let the game install from the disc, plug the Xbox back in the internet and also then upday the application. Either way, this situation sucks, definetely seems like an unintendet behaviour on Microsofts part!

That"s modern-day AAA gaming for you. Never buy a game expecting to play it in the very same hour that you put it in the console.

Switch your Xbox to offline if your internet is slow. The game will be trying to install from the disc and also at the same time downloading and install the 11GB day one patch which slows both jobs down. If you switch it to offline, it will install the game off the disc, then switch it back digital and download the patch. It"s quicker that way for some reason.

I never before seem to really have this trouble, on the PS4. Most times as soon as I put in a disc I deserve to play it right amethod. I perform hate having actually to occasionally delete certain games because the HDD is complete.

Oversight in Xbox One OS design on just how it manages games.

Its really weird they have not addressed this yet.

Yeah, very same via WWE 2K17. Popped in the disc, 49GB install. Then I had to download a 11 GB patch.. Luckily tright here was a "you have the right to play now" thing which wasn"t just an install progression screen.

I remember a pair of years ago once people were outraged over the idea of a day one patch. Oh how the times have actually adjusted.

That latest update of gears of battles 4 on pc not only compelled the original 80 gb for the game install however an additional 80 gb of area to patch for a grand also full of 160 gb. I think it inevitably deleted the other fifty percent after the patch yet even still its sorta ridiculous.

Well, I just shelp fuck it, left it installing and it finimelted a total of around 7 hours later on. That"s absolutely a download, not a disc install. When I swapped to offline mode, the installation ssuggest stopped, and also wouldn"t resume till i went ago online.

Doom started doing this as soon as I first put the disc in, but I cancelled it, took it out, put it back in and it simply set up commonly and only downloaded the patch.

My copy mounted off the disc and didn"t downfill anypoint till I tried to start it and it told me it required and 11GB upday.

Well, I just sassist fuck it, left it installing and also it finiburned a complete of roughly 7 hrs later. That"s certainly a downpack, not a disc install. When I swapped to offline mode, the installation sindicate quit, and wouldn"t resume till i went ago online.

54GB shouldn"t take 7 hrs if you"re downloading and install at 16MB/s favor you sassist, that need to take about an hour. Unless you supposed 16Mb/s which is about 2MB/s which would take about 8 hours. So probably you supposed that, yet if you supposed the previous it appears prefer something"s wrong through your Xbox"s HDD or somepoint.

alexw00d: I"ve gained 150Mbps dvery own. 16MB/s downpack speeds. Honestly, I dont know why it took so lengthy, but damn it we lastly acquired to play this day and also it was an excellent time.

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