Riding the Brumak was a highlight of Gears of War 2, and also currently Gears of War 4 gets its own beast-riding Easter egg in the campaign’s prologue. This at an early stage trick was only recently uncovered by the Gears neighborhood, and also we deserve to understand also why — who would certainly even attempt to ride one of those flying monsters? Well, someone provided it a swarm, and it was totally worth it. Keep scrolling to uncover out overview reflecting you exactly how to ride a Reaver in the Gears of War 4 campaign.

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You don’t just acquire to ride it either. This is a fully-useful Reaver, enabling you to move around and unleash barrperiods of rockets on incoming enemies. It’s pretty crazy that this is all optional, and just goes to present the detail The Coalition stuffed into their first appropriate Gears of War enattempt after assuming developer duties from Epic Games.

Find also more weird little bit keys on the Gears of War Easter Eggs Compendium, wright here you’ll discover key guns, giant leviathans, and also a foul-mouthed Fenix.

How to Ride the Reaver – Easter Egg Guide

To ride a Locust Reaver, start up Act 1 – Chapter 0: Prologue and reach the section wbelow you have to safeguard the Housage of Sovereigns on E-Day. That’s the part wright here you obtain the Hammer of Dawn and usage it on the Corpser.

In Act 1 – Chapter 0: Prologue, acquire to the House of Sovereigns defense area.Kill the Corpser with the Hammer of Dawn. A cutscene will activate.Defeat the complying with wave of Locust soldiers and Boomers. The Reavers will land also after this wave.Once the Reavers have landed — those substantial ugly flying creatures through pilots on height — you deserve to start.

When you’re in place, this is what you’ll need to perform to ride on the earlier of a Reaver.

How to Ride a Reaver: Kill the pilot after the Reaver lands, then run underneath the Reaver and also push as easily as possible. If you desire as well lengthy, the Reaver will die automatically.

Now you’re in control! Just check out this video by Youtuber TheRazoredEdge to see it in activity.

So what does the Reaver actually do? It can’t fly unfortunately, but it’s still a super-powerful frifinish.

The Reaver is under your command also. You’ll have straight regulate over its activity.While riding the Reaver, you deserve to fire rockets and kill the various other Reavers in the area.You can also mount / dismount as frequently as you choose, the Reaver is now domesticated.

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Pretty cool, right? We’re still on the lookout for Easter eggs in Gears of War 4, and we’ve acquired a sneaking suspicion there’s plenty even more to find.