Riding the Brumak was a to mark of Gears of battle 2, and now Gears of war 4 it s okay its own beast-riding Easter egg in the campaign’s prologue. This early an enig was only recently found by the Gears community, and also we deserve to understand why — that would also attempt come ride among those flying monsters? Well, someone provided it a shot, and also it was completely worth it. Save scrolling to discover out guide showing you how to ride a Reaver in the Gears of war 4 campaign.

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You don’t just obtain to ride the either. This is a fully-functional Reaver, enabling you to move around and also unleash barrages the rockets on incoming enemies. It’s quite crazy the this is every optional, and also just goes to present the detail The Coalition stuffed right into their very first proper Gears that War entry after assuming developer duties from Epic Games.

Find even more weird tiny secrets on the Gears the War Easter eggs Compendium, wherein you’ll find secret guns, large leviathans, and a foul-mouthed Fenix.

How come Ride the Reaver – Easter Egg Guide

To journey a Locust Reaver, start up Act 1 – thing 0: Prologue and also reach the section where you must protect the house of sovereigns on E-Day. That’s the part where you obtain the Hammer the Dawn and also use it on the Corpser.

In Act 1 – thing 0: Prologue, obtain to the house of sovereigns defense section.Kill the Corpser through the Hammer of Dawn. A cutscene will activate.Defeat the following wave of Locust soldiers and Boomers. The Reavers will certainly land ~ this wave.Once the Reavers have actually landed — those big ugly flying creatures with pilots on optimal — you can begin.

When you’re in position, this is what you’ll have to do to ride on the ago of a Reaver.

How to Ride a Reaver: death the pilot ~ the Reaver lands, then run underneath the Reaver and also press as easily as possible. If girlfriend want also long, the Reaver will die automatically.

Now you’re in control! Just inspect out this video by Youtuber TheRazoredEdge to see it in action.

So what walk the Reaver actually do? that can’t paris unfortunately, however it’s quiet a super-powerful friend.

The Reaver is under her command. You’ll have direct control over that is movement.While talk the Reaver, you have the right to fire rockets and kill the other Reavers in the area.You can likewise mount / dismount as regularly as friend like, the Reaver is now tamed.

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Pretty cool, right? We’re tho on the lookout because that Easter egg in Gears of war 4, and we’ve acquired a sneaking apprehension there’s plenty much more to discover.