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Is it safe to have a Gen 4 top on a Gen 3 lower?Are there any type of issues and how is the Gen 3 and Gen 4 structure (frame only, no parts) different?

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No. Not for a G17gen4 upper onto a G17gen3 lower. The recoil feather area that the G17Gen4"s slide is too huge for the Gen3"s frame.
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*"s a pic showing the distinction in article #5.
Ok, for this reason the top (frame) I have is clearly a Gen 3, yet the serial # (according come glock once I asked them) is a Gen 4?! The upper has actually been having serious malfunctions lately.
Feel cost-free to start from the beginning and also develop a list of questions. Images can additionally help.What friend (VANESSA) is phone call an "upper" is unclear come those of united state who have actually read & comment so far. "Upper" isn"t usually provided in explicate a semiauto handgun, but if someone does use that terminology, climate I"d interpret it as the slide assembly. Ns think of the "frame" together the recipient or the lower section of the semiauto handgun.The initial concern was answered. The comment in article #5 seem come be acquisition this subject in one entirely various direction, yet they"re statements and not questions. Feel free to elaborate.

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(former) Glock & 1911 Armorer; usually delivering a Glock, yet sometimes, instead, some various other brand. LEO, currently retired.Glocks right now owned: G43, G26gen3, G19gen5, G17gen5, G34gen4, G23gen3, G30SF
The OP does not appear to have enough familiarity through Glocks to know what even major sub-assemblies are called. This could become a an extremely frustrating thread because that knowledgeable respondents.
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