Thursday November 14, 2019: On basic Hospital today, Jordan concerns Jax, Ava it s okay a surprise visitor, chase keeps Robert native revealing details to Anna, and also Charlotte renders an accusation.

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in ~ Anna’s place, Violet comes downstairs and sits between her parents on the sofa because that breakfast. After Hayden and also Finn explain to Violet that Finn is her daddy. Finn asks Violet if he might give her a hug. She nods, and they embrace. Violet inquires as to where Finn has actually been. Hayden explains she moved away prior to Violet was born and he didn’t know about her. Hayden sends Violet turn off to play, and also she and Finn talk about how come co-parent their child. All of sudden Anna enters and finds lock on the couch together.

at the Corinthos place, Joss asks her mom around moving in with her father. Carly explains in enhancement to waiting for her room to be finished, her dad is in a situation and also it’s not a great time for she to relocate in.

Sonny bring Avery to check out Ava at Shadybrook. After spending time with her daughter, Ava admits to Sonny this is a surprise. Sonny tells her it to be Laura who talked him right into this, and he doesn’t want their daughter to construct a stigma about mental illness. Ava describes why she there, that she’s seeing dead people. Sonny urges Ava to obtain better. Later, Trina autumn in to view Ava and apologizes since she can’t open up the gallery on Wednesday due to getting into trouble and also needs to offer detention. Ava tells Kiki not to worry around it yet quickly corrects herself. She insists it’s the medication, which renders things hazy.

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Sonny return home, and Carly asks Sonny to be kinder and an ext understanding where Jax is concerned, specifically in regard come Joss’ living situation. Sonny suspects Jax is in trouble and she knows what is really going on. Carly cases she thinks Jax is see someone and also he’s not all set for Joss to accomplish her, i m sorry she doesn’t have actually a trouble with. Sonny no convinced.

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At Wyndemere, Valentin asks Charlotte why she went through Cassandra. Charlotte admits Cassandra endangered to send Nina to jail. Nina thanks Charlotte because that trying to defend her, but she never wants her to put herself in danger for her. The doorbell rings and it’s Lulu and also Laura. Lulu to be hoping due to the fact that they to let go spending critical night with each other that they could have a snack. Valentin thinks the is a quite idea. Charlotte tells them both come stop due to the fact that she to know they can’t was standing one another. Laura argues she and Charlotte obtain a snack so her parents can talk. They all recognize they hate one an additional but agree to do much better for Charlotte. Meanwhile, Charlotte tells Laura around the mysterious guy she saw, who she didn’t recognize.