Did you understand that George Washington to be haunted by dozens the ghost children? that’s right. One of America’s starting Fathers had his estate haunted through ghosts that children. Furthermore, great ol’ George’s wife, Martha, had a habit that adopting kids by the dozen behind his back.

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Now, if you’re asking yourself “where to be THIS in the history books?” enable me to be the first person to break the news to you that every little thing you understand is wrong.

So, then, what is right? The memes, mine friends. The memes. No just any old surprised Pikachu memes, ns talking around memes around our starting Father, George Washington, or “Washingtubs” for short.

Firstly, we have one of the more common varieties of Washingtubs, the ghost children.

Fig. 1This kind usually hosts a surprised George complain to Martha Washington around the spectral youngsters the haunt your manor. This form is my second favorite sort of Washingtub.

Maybe it’s the means that he always looks doubtful of those going ~ above in the painting that provides these for this reason entertaining. Regardless, ghost youngsters are good to the critical drop.

Next up are Washingtubs wherein George is connecting with the usual folk or other soldiers. These usually display George being typically annoyed v other people like one of the many random soldiers alongside him.

Fig. 2In a many cases, George’s compatriots have tendency to try to store him grounded but George simply isn’t having any of it.

Last but certainly not least are my favorites: Washingtubs where George is the only one speaking.

Fig. 3There’s other serendipitously beautiful about painting this legend of a man as such a childish agent.

Perhaps it’s simply the nature of exactly how artists were limited to showing life ago then in tandem v the look on George’s challenge in some of the paintings that do these so meme-able and entertain me. Regardless, they’re splendid at transporting a good laugh.

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Keep in mind that these are only a few examples the Washingtubs; there’s lot of to go ‘round top top the internet. So, if you want a nice abdominal muscle workout, take a couple of minutes to scroll v a couple of (georgewashingtonmemes ~ above Tumblr is a an excellent repository that them).

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