A mixtape solitary that Drake freestyles in respect to Phonte of small Brother, with aid from the one and also only DJ Wrispect.

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YeahTay girlfriend know, you understand I called you, countless times you my favourite rapper right?So I'mma begin this off prefer you would perform itUh, shout out to DJ WristpectOctober's Own!Drizzy, hahaHere i go!UhLook, i stands outDon't think this ain't part shit that i done plan outAnd life is beautiful as ever when that pans outAnd girls space beautiful until they want a hand outBut, hah, questioning Apple just how I acquire it thoughI'll it is in on the phone v a bitch the you will never ever knowSo you can son me neverI don't get bitter, ns just obtain betterAnd a verse is just a verse for meI save it generic and these niggas take it it personallyIf I was in a room and also someone yelled, "Hey bitches!"I would never ever turn approximately cause I just don't right the description, hahBut that's simply me thoughBut don't mind that girl, that's just FreakoPlease don't cuss girl, that don't fit yaHis surname 40 and also his surname FutureOliver's here and you understand me hoI'm the cash cow front male of OVOI am not doing functions now, no means noAnd the dislike starts building the an ext we growDamn shame am i over-expressing the gameShould i hold earlier on addressing the lame?Cause they ending up being obsessed through my nameI'm trying to clean up my mess and also explainAnd young you know my progression insaneMy engineer is the best in the gameAnd ever due to the fact that I've to be messing with WaynePeople getting jealous I have the right to see lock expressions have changedThey appeared to love me as soon as this shit to be going nowhereAnd now they got a bunch the feelings that they won't shareThey just offer me the fuck the I'm damaged stareAnd Drake to be at the club and also he balled favor no hairLiving life from a whole different angleOnly see the roadway through the wings of an angelAnd I can see the love on her sleeveAnd I know this shit is hard to believeYou gone have actually to get over it

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And all you talking ass niggas, obtain over itAnd every you world that it is in hating, acquire over itAnd all you ladies that i fucked, obtain over itAnd yeah, I'm turning 22, acquire over itYou know you gained to hear my records, obtain over itMy entirety team acquiring rich, get over itI gained the city on mine back, get over itGet end it, get over itHahaha, DJ WrispectLittle BrotherPooh, 'TeBig doe I watch you homie, yeahI'm, I'm major man, please, just get over itJust for y'all, simply for y'all, I'mma save it humble as a mumble in the jungleYa understand what I'm talkin' 'bout, yeahIt's DrizzyThank Me later on coming soon, yeahJust allow me live manIt's all ns ask, ahHere i go