Help me please. I am not sure if I am supposed to be excited by EliteXC fighter and also Amerihave the right to Gladiator Gina Carano, dressed approximately portray deadly Soviet commancarry out Natasha (bereason they only have one girl's name in the Soviet Union) in Command also & Conquer Red Alert 3.

On the one hand, she really is doing impressive things to that tight shorts and also tiny jacket ensemble, and the gun adds a details something. She is quite pretty and well-spoken for someone who beats up various other world for a living.

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On the other hand also, she beats up various other people for a living and might more than likely kill me through an errant thought, or hell, even on accident, prefer some terrifying all grown-up Elmira from Tiny Toons, hugging and squeezing me until I die.

Phew, nevermind. Invoking Tiny Toons constantly cancels out any kind of excitement...well, unmuch less we're talking mink.


She has left opponents lying defeated in the cages of EliteXC blended martial arts competitions and also would-be contenders gasping for air throughout Gladiator Arena in American Gladiators. And now America's "Crush" is prepared to lay waste to the battleareas in Command also & Conquer Red Alert 3.

Electronic Arts announced this day that climbing star and unbeat EliteXC MMA fighter Gina Carano will be starring as Natasha, a deadly Soviet commanexecute, in Red Alert 3, one of the a lot of anticipated strategy games of the year coming to the PC and Xbox 360 this holiday seaboy. Carano will certainly not just show up in person and in high-definition as Natasha as part of Red Alert 3's live-action movies, yet will certainly also be featured digitally as a playable unit in the game.

"The last year has actually been such a whirlwind for me, from every little thing that's happening with EliteXC this weekend to American Gladiators and now via EA and also Red Alert 3," sassist Carano. "Natasha is such a cool, powerful character, her actions certainly stop louder than her words which is somepoint I definitely identify via. I can't wait to see exactly how everything turns out and I hope all of the gamers out tbelow have a great time wreaking havoc as me."

Carano have the right to be watched tomorrow night headlining the undercard on CBS throughout EliteXC's "Saturday Night Fights", the first MMA card to air on broadcast network-related tv and eextremely Monday night on NBC slamming would-be contenders as "Crush" on NBC's famous American Gladiators series. Carano joins a prestigious list of stars that have crossed over to appear in the Command also & Conquer franchise's trademark live-action video movies, including: James Earl Jones (Star Wars), Josh Hollomethod (Lost), Billy Dee Williams (Star Wars), Michael Biehn (The Terminator, Aliens), Natasha Henstridge (Species), Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica), Jennifer Morriboy (House), and also Michael Ironside (Top Gun).

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Hear more from Carano on her upcoming fight and her initially foray into the civilization of video games in Red Alert 3 in this month's episode of BattleCast PrimeTime on Command also & Conquer TV, debuting this particular day at noon PDT at, the house of everything C&C. And remain tuned for even more announcements bordering the star-studded cast of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 this summer.