On Friday, Kylie jenner revealed her three new Kylie Cosmetics summer lip kits, and they"re important beauties. Indigenous the coral red of Kristen come the taupe naked of Maliboo, they"re all beautiful. However, my eyes room on Jenner"s rosy brown shade Ginger. These 7 Kylie Cosmetics Ginger lip kit options are perfect because that a gorgeous rose brown lippie if you simply can"t wait until the start of the upcoming summer lip kit.

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Jenner"s swatches the Maliboo, Kristen, and also Ginger ~ above Friday had her pan scrambling come learn an ext about their upcoming release. If the lip kits will certainly obviously be priced the very same as their predecessors, the lip kit release dates are slightly staggered through Maliboo and Kristen collection to release on July 20 when Ginger"s debut is ~ above July 22. While they may only be two days apart, fans wanting come snag every three room going to must be extra diligent before the gorgeous color fly off the digital shelves.

Like usual, though, it"s daunting to wait until the lippies release and then ship to rock such perfect summer shades. Indigenous Kristen alternatives to Malibu alternatives, there"s an option for everyone. Now, I"m going to drop some Kylie Cosmetics Ginger choices so girlfriend can obtain that stunning rosy brown lip prior to it also debuts.


Pro Matte Lip Pencil in increased Brown, $18, Amazon

It may not it is in liquid, however it"s a gorgeous color.

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills



Long Lasting fluid Lipstick in Santa Ana, $20, Amazon

A rosy brown hue perfect to rock till Ginger"s release.

4. Jeffree Star Cosmetics


Velour liquid Lipsticks in Gemini, $18, Jeffree Star Cosmetics

It"s no wonder Gemini is so exceptionally popular.

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5. ColourPop


Everlasting liquid Lipstick in Lolita II, $15, Amazon

If you"ve never known the greatness of a Kat Von D liquid lip, you should invest now.