About an excellent as ns Was come You

"Good together I was to You" is a track written by Billy Livsey and also Don Schlitz, and also recorded by American country music artist Lorrie Morgan. It was released in January 1997 together the third and final solitary from her album better Need. The song reached #4 top top the Billboard Hot country Singles & Tracks chart in may 1997.

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She drove as much as the restaurant wherein they usage to dineHe to be sitting at the table with someone brand-new this timeShe walked up right beside him her challenge did not rotate redShe looked in ~ him so calmly and this is what she saidGood as I was to girlfriend is this the thanks I get?Are every the years we common so basic to forget?Does this mean that you"ve won?Are you finally having fun?Is she her dream come true?Oh, she sure looks an excellent but she won"t ever be As good as ns was come youThe room acquired awfully quiet and everybody staredFinally the waiter said, "Should i bring an additional chair."She said, "No. Ns was just leaving." however as she walked the end the doorShe said, "Honey, you can have him i don"t want him anymore."Good together I was to you Is this the many thanks I get?Are all the year we mutual so easy to forget?Is this the method it"s done? Looking the end for number one?Did friend think it through?She certain looks great but she won"t ever be an excellent as i was to you walk to lead, walk this typical that you"ve won?Are you lastly having fun?Is she your dream come true?Oh, she sure looks good but she won"t ever be As an excellent as i was to youAs great as i was to you

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Lorrie Morgan Loretta Lynn "Lorrie" Morgan (born June 27, 1959, in Nashville, Tennessee) is one American country music singer. She is the daughter that George Morgan, a nation music singer that charted several hit singles in between 1949 and his death in 1975. Lorrie Morgan charted her an initial single in 1978, although she did not break right into the optimal of the U.S.

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Country charts till her 1989 single, "Trainwreck that Emotion." since then, she has charted much more than 25 singles ~ above the Billboard Hot country Singles & monitor charts, with three number one hits: "Five Minutes," "What part of No" and also "I Didn"t understand My very own Strength." She has also recorded much more than 15 studio albums. At assorted points in she life, Morgan has been married to three different country singers: Keith Whitley, Jon… much more »