You obtained me doing things i never did before

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Lewis Capaldi - shed On friend katifund.orgLewis Capaldi "Lost ~ above You". Lately I"m acquiring lost top top you. You acquired me doing points I never thought I"d do. Never ever spent so long on a losing battle. Yet lately providing up don"t seem to matter. Daily I"m a slave to the heartache. And also you"re wasting far every night. I don"t want to leave you lonely.
T-Pain - I"m Sprung katifund.orgNow the she gained me gained me doin" thing"s I"ll never do If girlfriend ain"t to be I"m tellin" you. I"m sprung (I"m sprung) currently that she acquired me gained me doin" points I"ll never ever do If girlfriend ain"t to be I"m tellin" you. You do You execute You perform You do. You execute do do, perform do execute do do, perform do Do, perform do, perform do do. So us went our separate methods It"s been a couple of days
Cher Lloyd - want U ago katifund.orgRemember every the things that you and also I walk first? and also now you"re law them through her Remember every the points that you and also I did first? You obtained me, got me choose this Uh and also now you"re acquisition her come every restaurant and also everywhere we went, come on! and now you"re acquisition her to every restaurant You gained me, obtained me favor this Uh boy you deserve to say ...
T-Pain - I"m Sprung katifund.orgBut now I"m leave quickly. Prior to she come and try to obtain me... And I"m takin everythang v me... Well it every come under to her... I"m Sprung... (I"m sprung) Dawg She got Me... Gained me doin points I"ll never ever do If u ain"t to be I"m tellin you.
Queen Naija - Butterflies katifund.orgYou obtained me every up in mine feelings and as lot as i love the emotion I dislike it, it it s okay me frustrated desire to to speak just how I feel however I don"t know how you would take it Why perform you carry out what you execute to me? got me doing points that i don"t execute usually i promised myself ns wouldn"t fall however every time I watch you I just want to risk it all
Cher Lloyd - desire U back katifund.orgRemember all the points that you and I did first? You obtained me, gained me like this Uh. And also now you"re taking her to every restaurant and everywhere us went, come on! and also now you"re acquisition her to every restaurant You obtained me, gained me like this. Uh boy you deserve to say anything you wanna. I don"t offer a shh, nobody else have the right to have ya. I want you back I want ...
The Story So far - every Wrong katifund.orgYou stated I gained it every wrong. However I’m sure every little thing we did before. No really issue anymore. Wake up up spanned in the sweat again. Worry and fog the lens. No solace I miss the fuck out of all my friends. Ns think back to resting on the ago bench. Wish I’d let the absence tell them every one of the points that ns can’t.
Bewitched - Bewitched Theme song katifund.orgBewitched, bewitched, you recognize your craft so well. Before I knew what you to be doing i looked in your eyes. That brand the woo that you"ve to be brew-in" take it me through surprise. Girlfriend witch, friend witch, one thing that"s for sure, the stuff you key - just hasn"t gained a cure. Mine heart was under lock and also key, but somehow it got unhitched.
SONNIE BADU - WONDER GOD katifund.orgI"ve never seen this kind God before. Wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder. Jesus, nawa oh, na waya. The points you dey carry out for me, nobody deserve to do. The miracles you carry my way, e dey punch my mind oh. Eledumare, nothing have the right to break through you.
Faouzia - Hero katifund.orgFew things I really have to know prior to I go and let girlfriend in Don"t wanna it is in irrational and also make the very same mistakes again would certainly you be there 5 a.m. On a weekend? v the thick and also the thin never second-guessing v you (Round 1) Don"t wanna wake up up Wishing ns never offered love Wishing ns never gave trust understanding it wasn"t true
Teddy Pendergrass - You"re mine Latest, My greatest ...Things never ever looked clearer peace within never felt nearer my burden"s gone, it"s turned right into a song ... See, you gained me, you got me doin" points (Higher) I"ve never done prior to (Higher) See, you inspire me, you accumulate me Don"t you know I love you, girl (Higher) Hey, hey, hey (Higher) You, you, you
Drake - club Paradise katifund.orgThey might have love you prior to But you"re out below doing her thing, lock don"t know you" Ah, sure they do, they simply not as sincere ... Pair artists acquired words for me, that"s never fun They say it"s on once they watch me, that day don"t ever before come I"m never ever scared, they never ever real, I never ever run ...
Bobby Darin - points katifund.orgwhen I"m not thinking of just exactly how much ns loved you. Fine I"m thinking around the things we offered to do. (Thinking that things) favor a to walk in the park (things) like a kiss in the dark (things) like a sailboat journey (yeah yeah) what about the night us cried. Things favor a lovers vow. Things that we don"t perform now.
ArrDee - Oliver twisted katifund.orgGotta carry out it and learn because that yourself, I never did want no assist Biggz simply told me he"s worrying "bout my wellness (My health) "Cause I"ve had four pints and also three shots of rum and also it"s half-past twelve (Don"t clock that) In the afternoon, no the morning, told him it"s evening time elsewhere In the people (Somewhere, bruv)
Ashanti - take Me this evening young you got everything that ns need and also I couldnt questioning for an ext And everything on me is all yours cuz You do me smile choose I never smiled before and I adore you, desire a lil more of you do anything I"ll go almost everywhere as lengthy as I can hold your hand So allows go why not you take me tonight Take me far wherever you prefer Cuz I only ...
J. Cole - Wet Dreamz katifund.orgGot me daydreaming, male what. I"m thinkin" exactly how she rides on it, if she sit on it, if she licks top top it. Make it tough for me to stand up. Together time goes by, attractions obtaining deep and. Wet dreaming thinkin" the I"m smashin" yet I"m sleepin". I desire it bad, and also I ain"t never been i heard before.
Drake - Hotline Bling katifund.orgYou and also me, we simply don"t get along You do me feel like I did you wrong Going locations where you don"t belonging Ever due to the fact that I left the city, you You got exactly what girlfriend asked for Running out of pages in your passport Hanging v some girl I"ve never ever seen before. You offered to contact me top top my mobile Late night when you need my love contact me on mine ...
50 Cent - Ayo modern technology katifund.orgDifferent style, different move, damn I like the way you move Girl, you gained me reasoning "bout all the things I carry out to girlfriend Let"s obtain it poppin" shorty we deserve to switch location From the couch to the counters in my kitchen Lemme talk to ya Baby, this a new age, you choose my new craze Let"s gain together - maybe we deserve to start a brand-new phase
Cher Lloyd - desire You ago katifund.orgRemember every the things that you and I did first? and also now you"re act them with her Remember all the points that you and also I did first? You acquired me, acquired me favor this, oh. Boy, you deserve to say anything you want I don"t give a shh, no one else can have ya I want u back, I want u ago Want-want u, want u back, uh I broke it off reasoning you"d be crying
Usher - Nice and also Slow katifund.orgWhat friend doing yes, really You know I"m comes over ideal (now baby tell me what girlfriend wanna do with me) now you got it hot for me already baby ok Be there in about uh, provide me ten minute Be prepared Hey stay that little thing I choose (now infant tell me what you wanna execute with me) It"s 7 o"clock ~ above the period I"m in mine drop peak Cruising the streets
Luke Bryan - Doin" My point katifund.orgSo I keep rockin" along. I"m simply doin" my thing, just doin" mine thing. Simply floating ~ above a breeze. I"m just doin" my thing, simply doin" my thing. Don"t concern "bout me. The world downtown space hustlin" around. The load of the world on their mind. Me I"m sittin" in the the shade soakin" increase the day.
Janet Jackson - every For girlfriend katifund.orgTell me I"m the just one (it"s every for you) shortly we"ll be having actually fun (it"s every for you) Come over here and get some. It"s every for you if you make a move. It"s every for you. All my girls at the party. Look at that body. Shaking that thing like you never did see. Gained a quite package alright.
Wale - poor katifund.orgYou got a (thing because that a king, but you ain"t a king) Seems like the ones that roll never got a ring and I deserve to see that you"re (bad, no come you) yes in the literal meaning sense, I median physical feeling I average the, oops, wait, permit me offer me a 2nd I require a minute to vent, I"m just telling that
Ne-Yo - The means You relocate katifund.orgThe means you execute the points you carry out nobody rather can. And also I understand that you deserve to get every little thing from whatever man. Baby do what’s in her soul. However it’d it is in a dead to see you go. Cause the means you move, uh girl. Oh girl, the means you relocate (Uhu, the means you do) it’s the way you move. Girl you experienced the reality (The truth baby)
The Weeknd - What You require katifund.orgI"m what you need, what girlfriend need, what you need. I got every little thing you desire from me. Ns do whatever he does times three. And also he don"t gotta know. I acquired you top top the floor, doing things you never ever thought you"d do. Baby leave castle high hoe shoes. "Cause i love it when you"re looking under at me, I"m spring up at you.
Magdalena bay - Chaeri katifund.orgThe way things could"ve been Did I discover anything? it was just that negative with you September choose a dream yet winter acquired so average The storm was underneath If I can do it all again ns would have said Cherry you re welcome You"re killing me It"s only that negative it"s just that negative If girlfriend tell you yourself you"ll never get out that bed Cherry please You"re death ...
Chingy - Fly choose Me katifund.orgBut, friend ain"t never ever seen a girl look therefore fly favor me. Baby, however chu never had actually a girl look for this reason fly like me. Now you done been about the world and also you"ve watched a the majority of girls. But, friend ain"t neva checked out a girl watch so paris like. You done rolled with some hoods, there"s some girls the look good. But, you ain"t never seen a girl watch so paris like.
Cherish - before You to be My male katifund.orgBefore you were my man, ns was chillin v this guy, prior to you were my man, small did I understand that he"d understand you you need to understand and know the circumstance Didn"t recognize he was your friend, before you to be my man. Ns met him at this party Sittin in ~ the bar he, Walked ideal up come me, bought me part Bacardi, captured up in the moment, i was ...
Eminem - happy You katifund.orgLevels come this shit, I gained an elevator You could never say come me I"m not a fuckin" document breaker i sound favor a damaged record every time i break a record Nobody could ever take away the tradition I made, I never ever cater Motherfucker, currently I acquired a ideal to be this way I acquired spite within my DNA yet I wrote "til the wheels loss off, I"m workin ...
Lady Gaga - Why go You execute That? katifund.orgYou"re making all my think obscene. This is not, not prefer me. Why you save on texting me choose that? (damn) acquired other things I require my mental on, yeah. Various other responsibilities. This is not, not prefer me. Why go you do that. Execute that, do that, do that, do that to me? Why go you execute that.
Jessica Baio - home katifund.orgYou don"t know me, however you think you do You don"t recognize what I"ve been v You"ll never see that from my allude of see You"ll never ever see the method my mind reaction to every the points it shouldn"t Overthinking every choice I make If you asked me to change, ns couldn"t "Cause I"m simply a failure Wish that I could make me proud
Jason Reeves & Nelly delight - The Hell Of cultivation Up ...Cause you were gone through September girlfriend never gave me ago my sweater and also it obtained cold you told me we can work lengthy distance prefer every various other weekend visits that didn"t really occupational out walk it? and we gained old Two kids in a Honda public Pushing 20 and the boundaries Of our body in the ago seat understanding spinnin" We thought this crazy world was finishing So ...

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Jon Wolfe - Tequila Sundown katifund.orgJust me and also mis amigos I found We"re just living it up down right here Ain"t no factor to cry no tears happen the salt and also the lime We got nothing however time and also a tequila sundown The tide is high and also so is the moon The crowd"ll it is in rolling in real soon You never ever know simply what you"re gonna gain With all of us normal suspects Now and then it it s okay a little wild
Chris Tomlin - Love civilization katifund.orgLove is patient, love is kind, love is all we really obtained Never fails, never ever leaves Faith, hope and also love and also the best of this is Love people, love people, we all need love human being ... My mind is therefore unfocused I check out the points You execute through me as an excellent things I have done and also now girlfriend gently break me, then lovingly You take me and hold me as my ...

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