You have Failed This City: The 10 finest Superhero Catchphrases In The Arrowverse From classic one-liners to ‘You’ve failure this city,’ and identity reveals choose ‘I’m Supergirl’, every CW superhero has had actually their own catchphrase.

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CW’s Arrowverse is filled through iconic characters and their own collection of catchphrases. While several of these lines attribute as the show"s plot progresses, there space a couple of other conventional catchphrases that each CW personality (barring black color Lightning) resorts to saying throughout the intro of their particular series. This introductions mostly present the character’s transform ego and also superpowers along with the current arch opponents they are facing.

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From classic one-liners come ‘You’ve failed this city,’ and identity reveals prefer ‘I’m Supergirl’, each CW superhero has had their very own standard catchphrase.

Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen in Arrow
Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) very first used this line as a warning to all the evildoers the punishes in his city. At that time, he embraced the vigilante persona the ‘The Hood’ fighting his solo crusade against justice in Star City.

While the hooded archer has always used it after confronting criminals, his very own hallucination tells him the same words in an illustration from Season 5. Through this time, Queen has made a full-fledged ‘Team Arrow’ that helps that in his adventures, also if he bear the guilt of placing these team members in a life that danger. In a vertigo-induced hallucination, The Hood’s vision pertains to him and also says the exact same words, ‘You’ve failure this city’.

A standard trope in Supergirl has been that protagonist Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) revealing her identity to her assorted friends and associates. In the initial seasons, fans taken into consideration it together an in-joke the Kara would reveal her identity to everyone except Lena Luthor (who again could have quickly guessed her alter ego however somehow couldn’t).

Whether it be the show’s intro or a confrontation through Nia Nal, viewers would hear ‘I’m Supergirl’ on an ext than one occasion. In one alternating timeline, Kara goes on come say it the end loud even in a press conference. She initially addresses the crowds in her bespectacled journalist persona, finishing her speech with her superhero identity.

‘Luv’ is a word the the exorcist john Constantine (Matt Ryan) frequently uses in plenty of of his sentences, while pulling off a casual brothers accent. It’s really common because that viewers come hear him say ‘Hello, luv’ or ‘It has actually been a lengthy time, luv’.

While Constantine had actually his own series where fans could get an ext glimpses that the Hellblazer and his eccentric charm, the standalone display was canceled because of low ratings. However, through a guest figure in Arrow, Constantine changed as a constant character in Legends that Tomorrow.

7 The speed - ‘I am the fastest guy alive’

Barry Allen in The speed TV Series
‘My name is Barry Allen and also I to be the fastest man alive’ is a typical line uttered by the scarlet speedster Flash, aka Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), to open up each illustration of The Flash. The line brims with a details optimism and confidence to signify the revolution of Allen indigenous an plain forensic experiment to a time-traveling speedster.

However, the catchphrase does adjust a little in the future season when he meet speedsters choose Savitar who are faster than him. ‘My name is Barry Allen and also I am not the fastest man alive,’ the mutters with a feeling of hopelessness in such moments.

In that story arcs featuring Ra’s al Ghul and also his organization organization of Assassins, arrow often featured its characters using the indigenous ‘Heir come the Demon’. Ra’s al Ghul’s surname itself converts to ‘Head the the Demon" in Arabic.

So, by this logic, his daughter Nyssa al Ghul is the true heir to the Demon and hence she regularly repeats the line. Also when Oliver Queen self turns towards the organization of Assassins for a short time, that says, ‘I am Al Sah-him Ra’s Al Ghul, heir come the Demon, and you will certainly obey!’.

5 Legends Of tomorrow - ‘I dislike Nazis’

If he finds anyone remotely comparable to the Nazis (or if they room plainly antagonistic), Captain Cold’s ideal friend and antihero Mick Rory, aka Heatwave (Dominic Purcell), describes them together Nazis. He also adds ‘I like burning Nazis’ while using his classic flamethrower top top his enemies.

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He states the line in his recurring duty in Legends of tomorrow as well as the Crisis ~ above Earth-X crossover episode through Supergirl. In the episode, also Green Arrow and Supergirl finish up saying it after him.

being Flash no necessarily mean having actually superspeed. It additionally stands for fighting the good fight and also being a responsible guardian that justice as is emulated indigenous this quote by Flash’s love attention Iris West (Candice Patton).

The line is offered several times in Season 4 v both lover saying it with each other signifying the fact that they’ll stick through each other come what may. These scenes tend to acquire a tad little melodramatic however it still works well sufficient to add to your ever-growing romance.

3 The speed - ‘I Am her Father’

‘I am her father’ is a generally misinterpreted conversation often associated with Darth Vader revealing his identity to his boy Luke Skywalker in Star wars Episode V: The realm Strikes Back. Even though Vader doesn’t really say these precise words, the heat has become an i can not forget catchphrase in the pop culture zeitgeist.

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In The Flash, the very same lines room recalled in a dramatic fashion by The trickster (Mark Hamill) together he reveals come the serial bomber Axel pedestrian who turns out to it is in his son. As numerous would know, this catchphrase is ironic comes from Hamill that himself played Luke Skywalker in his heyday.

The initial periods of Arrow open with the titular hero narrating the time as soon as he to be stranded on one island as he says, ‘For five years, ns was stranded in one island with just one goal… come survive’. The heat perfectly records the trials and tribulations the Oliver Queen had to go v in his unexpected quest for survival.

It is his time ~ above the island the toughened him up and also helped him discover the an abilities that that uses later on as Star City’s protector. The this time top top the island that also confronts him through future allies and adversaries like Deathstroke.

1 The speed - ‘Run Barry, Run’

more than likely a reinterpretation that the standard Forrest Gump dialogue ‘Run Forrest, Run’, this catchphrase is provided by countless of Flash’s associates who recognize his mystery identity.

Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) also uses the line to describe ex-President Barack Obama (whose nickname is Barry). In a time-traveling illustration in Legends of Tomorrow, Gorilla Grodd assaults Obama to which Palmer claims in a panicky mood, ‘Run Barry, Run’.

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