Long gone are the job of cannabis farmers scribbling illegible note on stained notepads in the prosper room. Now there is a farming marketplace of community-driven, expert-developed thrive applications because that mobile devices. Now, many thanks to recent advancements in cloud-based technology, and also our raising obsession v mobile technologies, a cultivator have the right to see every little thing they should know about their chop all in one place.

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Jessica McKeilJessica McKeil is a cannabis writer based in british Columbia, Canada. She has actually a passion for cannabis tech and also scientific breakthroughs, which has led her to work-related with few of the industry"s greatest brands. She is the owner and lead-writer…
**Disclaimer: This write-up contains affiliate links for some products. Three Tech provides a tiny commission native the sale of this items. We appreciate your support of our publication!Going digital with a cannabis-focused mobile application takes the guesswork the end of the farming data.Even for amateur farmers, inexperienced in what the takes to produce a bountiful harvest, put in order weed growing apps provide them access to a sweetheart trove the information as well as a growing neighborhood of like-minded people.

Users can conveniently reference data indigenous previous grows, explore photographic proof from other strains, and also even schedule nutrients or watering in ~ the touch of a finger.

It's no shock that technical innovations are an altering the way we prosper marijuana, however often these developments are only accessible to advertisement operations. With limitless budgets and technical know-how, advertising growers are constantly pushing the envelope through their crops, when this kind of modern technology wasn't together readily available to those cultivation at home.

Mobile apps are changing the circulation of technology between the advertisement pros and also the at-home hobbyists. As novice growers connect and also share information through cell phone technologies, they, too, space reaping several of the high-tech breakthroughs once only mutual between huge cannabis operations.

Grow Apps because that Commercial Cultivation

In commercial operations, maintaining your employees effective is a high priority. Rather than record data top top paper, this commercial SasS solutions sell mobile apps to keep data in ~ the on handle of your workers.



The legit cannabis industry is a very complex environment. State regulations require seed-to-sale tracking, therefore cultivators, processors, and distributors need to have an applications that have the right to simplify the process and take care of all that data. A product that Y Combinator and winner that the 2020 TechCrunch Disrupt, Canix is a youthful agency offering a full-service SAAS systems for cannabis operations.

The mobile application works ~ above both Apple and also Android smartphones or tablets to provide a mobile data entry equipment that permits employees can enter data in ~ the suggest of action. The Canix platform has cultivation and manufacturing workflows, CRM & sales, scanning & RFID, labeling, reporting, and also more. Cultivators deserve to use Canix to track inventory, screen compliance, and also run reports.


Also relatively new to the industry, TRYM provides a mobile SAAS platform to boost efficiency, stay in compliance, and monitor climate and also root ar conditions. Additionally, the software provides team management, METRC reporting, tree tracking and also task management.


With touchless harvesting, employees have the right to scan tree tags from their smartphone or tablet, document UIDS, and also quickly report harvest records to Metrc. In fact, according to data from their site, “The FloraCal team was able to harvest, personal weigh, and also report680 plants in much less than four hours.”

Matt Mayberry, firm CEO and also Co-Founder stated in a statement, “At Trym, we’re all about helping cultivators save time and streamline their operations. That’s why we produced Touchless Harvesting.”

Hybrid Apps for Everyone

Whether you’re growing for you yourself or you have actually a advertising operation, these apps offer solutions for everyone.


GrowBuddy is one application basic enough because that hobbyists come use however packed complete of beneficial features that even commercial work would reap benefits from. The application strives to be a substantial database, qualified of logging all relevant prosper data to assist you find out from your mistakes and compare against other strains and other crops.

The GrowBuddy app is basically a complete grow journal, helping you schedule and itemize tasks like watering and also nutrient additions. It works to control the details of the farming environment, keep precise notes with photographic proof on the daily developments in her crop, and even log information around mother plants and also their clones, as well as the curing process.

They space striving to become the all-in-one hub for your operation, where you can accessibility community knowledge, get skilled advice, and purchase any type of supplies, every without leaving the app.

In 2020, GrowBuddy’s mobile app was temporary unavailable if the developers operated on updates. Together of 2021, however, it appears GrowBuddy is preparing to start a major update with GrowBuddy 2.0. The brand-new platform guarantees several new and amazing upgrades including a brand-new user interface and also the brand-new “Grow Tower” sensor technology.



For hydroponic growers, BudLabs has an application that was designed particularly for you in mind. Their nutrient calculator, in particular, can be a great time saver. You simply choose the phase of her crop’s expansion (grow or bloom), select the nutrient base, pick your level the experience, and also insert the precise reservoir size — climate BudLabs will provide a tailored feeding schedule spread within the exactly weeks.Since BudLabs is arisen by advanced Nutrients, you will certainly be encouraged to purchase their commodities as you usage the app. BudLabs is additionally the most expensive application on this list of weed growing apps, as it needs a monthly dues of $4.49 or an annual fee that $42.99 because that the pro version.

Grow Apps for tiny Home Grows

To day there room 19 states which have laws allowing the home growing of personal amounts the cannabis. Interesting way enough, the just state through legal adult-use cannabis that doesn’t allow home cultivation is Illinois.

AlaskaArizonaCaliforniaColoradoHawaiiIllinoisMaineMassachusettsMichiganMissouriMontanaNevadaNew MexicoOklahomaOregonRhode IslandVermontWashingtonWashington, D.C.

If you live in one of these states, these apps may aid you acquire your personal cropgrowing.

Grow v Jane

Jane is an additional mobile weed-growing app on the market today. It’s focused on providing newbie growers through guidance, grow logs and scheduling tools for their little operations. The app seems ideal suited come smaller, novice cannabis farmers, yet the application is proceeding to improve with new features and also security to update regularly.

Following in the footsteps of various other apps, Jane knows its individuals value privacy. Among its features allows users the ability to work totally offline or under an cotton account. Because that those that wish to share, they also provide room for users to share your data, photos, and other information with the larger Jane community.

Grower Helper


Grower Helper is a tool that have the right to be supplied to assist cannabis growers keep track the their prosper ops. You deserve to register your plants, fertilizers, and also sprays, include photos to store track the progress, collection task reminders, track eco-friendly conditions, and also even log information about your end products such together extracts. This application will help small-scale growers stay extremely organized and never miss any necessary tasks. It’s obtainable for both Android and also iOS devices.



If friend live in a state where you can’t thrive your very own cannabis, this app may carry out an alternative. Falling into the edu-tainment category, this 3D cannabis flourish simulator app was emerged by competent cannabis growers using scientific data. SimLeaf allows users to practice cultivation weed virtually from their phone or tablet. The platform is actually fairly sophisticated, as you must manage light, temperature, humidity, water levels, nutrients, and also pH levels throughout the growing stages. SimLeaf also provides valuable tips and educational information to aid you follow me the way.

This is wonderful app for civilization looking to experiment with new techniques come see exactly how they may influence real-life plants. Keep in mind that this weed-growing app isn’t complimentary — the does cost $3 come download.

Apps mentioned in vault Versions


One the the most renowned applications to date is Botana. It continues to be to now as one of the most comprehensive mobile apps on the market. Letting customers compile details notes and data from all pertinent environmental, strain, and more, lock have set the bar high.

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To learn more about Botana, examine out this to exclude, interview, cannabis Tech had with Botana’s CEO.