The MTL Fire Truck is among the Emergency car vehicles featured in grand Theft Auto IV & Episodes.

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The architecture of the MTL Fire truck in GTA IV is based on a actual life Seagrave Marauder; 1990-2000 Pierce Dash. The height speed the the Fire truck is 86.99 mph (140.00 km/h).

You have the right to steal the Fire truck as component of the "Stevie"s automobile Thefts" side mission, offering you a prize of $4,000 when delivered.

Fire Truck: automobile Info

Game Edition

Grand Theft Auto IV & Episodes
Vehicle ClassEmergencyCarsManufacturer
MTLTop rate (Game Files)86.99 mph (140.00 km/h)Monetary Value$40,000Stevie Reward$4,000Based on (Real Life)Seagrave Marauder; 1990-2000 Pierce Dash
Map places (Spawn Areas)Here is where to find the Fire truck in cool Theft Auto IV & Episodes:Dialling 911, then 3Berchem Fire StationTudor Fire StationNorthwood Fire StationFishmarket south Fire StationAppearances in various other Games



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