Some GTA V users space reporting the they’re consistently gaining disconnected from an online game with the error ‘Connection come the conference lost as result of an unknown network error‘. This details issue is confirmed to happen on both PC and also consoles (Xbox One and also Ps4).

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Grand Theft Auto V ‘Unknown Network Error’

After investigate this details issue thoroughly, it turns out that there are numerous different reasons that can be responsible because that the apparition that this specific error code. Here’s a shortlist of instances where you might see the Unknown Network Error once playing the Online mode of GTA 5:

Underlying server issue – together it turns out, you can be see this error password while Rockstar is in the middle of a server worry that is past your control. In this case, every you deserve to do is check the server issue and wait for the developers to fix the problem on their side.TCP or IP inconsistency – A router inconsistency can additionally be responsible because that this certain error through GTA V. If this scenario is applicable, you should be able to fix the problem by rebooting or resetting your router in order to clear TCP and IP data the are right now cached.NAT is CLOSED – an additional reason why you might see this error is a case in which your NAT is closed, so the port that should be opened for the connection to take location in a stable matter are in reality closed. In this case, you should be able to fix the trouble either by allowing UPnP or forwarding the compelled ports manually.Cached MAC attend to (Xbox One Only) – If you’re encountering this problem on one Xbox One console and you have previously configured a custom MAC resolve for this console, that’s probably the factor why you’re seeing this network error. To settle the worry in this case, you have to clear her MAC deal with from the Settings menu of her console.Inconsistent DNS Range – relying on your ISP, you might see this network error because of the truth that you to be assigned a negative DNS range that’s no really compatible v Rockstar’s servers. IN this case, you might have the ability to alleviate the trouble by switching her DNS come the range noted by Google.

Now the you know every potential culprit, here’s a perform of techniques that will enable you to determine and/or solve the problem:

Method 1: Checking because that an recurring Server Issue

Before you shot any that the various other fixes listed below, you need to start by making sure that you’re not taking care of a server issue that is not beyond your control. If you’re seeing the Unknown Network error consistently and you have actually a an excellent connection, chances are Rockstar is right now dealing through a server problem that is influence GTA Online.

To verify this potential scenario, you must start by check if your official condition page is currently reporting any kind of problems.

Investigating because that a server concern with cool Theft Auto Online

Once you’re inside the status page, examine under grand Theft Auto Online and also see if her platform of an option has a red dot instead of a environment-friendly one – If that’s the case, Rockstar is aware of the server problem and it’s actively working to fix it.

However, it’s also feasible that you’re suffering a server issue that Rockstar is not yet mindful of. In this case, a an excellent way to check if other users are right now experiencing the same concerns to visit services choose DownDetector.

Checking for server worries with GTA V

Note: If your investigations have actually revealed the you’re certainly experiencing this difficulty due to an recurring server issue, your only selection is to wait for Rockstart to resolve the issue on your side.

On the other hand, if no one of the directories above are currently showing evidence of a server problem, relocate down to the fixes listed below to troubleshoot various reasons why the Unknown Network is developing in your case.

Method 2: Restart your Reset Router

If you formerly made certain that you’re not handling a server issue, the following most most likely culprit that might cause this Unknown Network error is a TCP or IP concern facilitated by a trouble with your router.

If this scenario is applicable, you have 2 different ways of solving this problem:

Restart her router – This operation will properly refresh your current IP and also TCP data that your router is utilizing without making any type of persisting alters that might influence your network interaction. However, if the problem is not related to TCP and IP cached data, this method will not do lot for you.

A. Restarting her Router

If you desire to start with something that doesn’t operation the threat of affecting her immediate access to the Internet, begin with a basic router reboot. This operation will clean the right now saved Internet Protocol data and also Transmission manage Protocol data.

To perform a reset on her network device, recognize the power/switch switch (typically located on the ago of the device) and press it as soon as to reduced off the power. After you carry out this, go ahead and disconnect the power cable from the power outlet and wait for 1 complete minute or more.

Restarting her router

Note: Disconnecting the power after you revolve your router turn off is essential since it allows the strength capacitors sufficient time come drain and also clear any temp data the they at this time might be maintaining in between restarts.

If restarting didn’t deal with the problem, relocate down come resetting her network restart.

B. Resetting her Router

If a straightforward reset didn’t do the trick because that you, the next step is to go for a finish router reset come ensure that no setting or network-related cached data is right now causing the Unknown Network error.

But before you go ahead and reset your network device, it’s necessary to know what this procedure will perform to your existing network setup. An initial of all, it will certainly reset your router earlier to its factory resets, which means that any forwarded ports, blocked items, and any other custom settings.

Furthermore, if her ISP is utilizing PPPoE, a router reset will mean that the at this time saved credentials will certainly be ‘forgotten‘. So when you go through with the reset procedure, you’ll have to recreate the PPPoE connection.

Once you recognize the results of this operation, you deserve to initiate a router reset by finding the reset switch (typically situated on the rear of her router), pressing it, and also keeping the pressed till you check out all the former LEDs flashing at the exact same time.

Resetting her router

Once your router is reset, re-establish the internet link by reinserting the PPPoE credentials gave by your ISP (if necessary) and also see if random disconnects stop once you play GTA V.

If you’re still taking care of the exact same Unknown Network error, move down to the next potential resolve below.

Method 3: allowing UPNP (if applicable)

If resetting your router didn’t settle the problem in this case, the next step would be to emphasis your attention on making certain that the ports used by GTA V are successfully forwarded on her router.

Keep in mind that nowadays, the vast bulk of routers are immediately capable of forwarding the ports offered by the video game you’re actively playing v a feature dubbed UPnP (Universal Plug and Play). 

Unless friend modified the settings on her router, this UPnP feature should be enabled by default. However, if friend made some changes yourself, here are part instructions on permitting UPnP in your router settings.

In case your router doesn’t support UPnP, relocate down to Method 4 because that instructions ~ above forwarding the forced ports manually.

If the ports provided by GTA V are currently forwarded, jump straight to technique 5.

Method 4: Forwarding the Ports offered by GTA V

In instance you’re still making use of a router that’s not equipped to assistance UPnP, the deal with in your situation is to forward the ports supplied by GTA V manually in order to stop the unknown network error from appearing again. Doing this will ensure that your network connection is equipped to allow incoming network requests indigenous the GTA V servers.

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If you’re in search of instructions ~ above forwarding the ports used by the digital component on grand Theft Auto:

Note: The instructions below were generalized as the precise names and also screens will various on her router manufacturer.