Urm so yeh, simply rebuilt my PS4 downloaded all the updays (took all night) logged onto GTA simply currently and the interactivity food selection won"t come up AT ALL when I press the touchpad.


Also when approaching CEO assistant desk it will not also present the appropriate d-pad create to communicate. Tried coming out of virtual a bunch of times and going right into a different sesh. Any referrals as I really do not want to redone pack the updates aobtain

Victim of The Pit™
Posted April 19, 2018

You more than likely scared the negative thing off.

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2 years later on...

Brettcoy29 0

Posted May 22, 2020


Player HaterPosted May 22, 2020

Might be a lengthy swarm, but you sure it"s not your controller?


Try opening the interaction Menu in Story Mode.

i tried and also it works fine... simply not in multiplayer

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