Directions to obtain vistas, points of interest, skill points, jumping puzzles and also more. Noble of the town hall videos or searching through a gigantic forum thread for a solution? every instructions on below are provided in plain text.

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Aleem"s Penance POI: Reachable via a route to the southeast. The area is extended in Risen, i m sorry you have the right to run by if you require to.


Skill point north of ft Cadence (in the not correct Keep): Head north of the ft Cadence waypoint till you see a building with a very dark interior. Go into it, and also there will certainly be a stairwell leading under on your left. Below is the ability point, i beg your pardon is a combat type.Skill suggest northwest of rock of Hazan (also eastern of Leeshore Gauntlet): over there is a swimming pool to the eastern of the skill allude that you deserve to swim down into, which leads to the skill point. It"s a combat with one veteran shark and also three regular sharks.

Saltflood Mire skill point: enter from a cavern on the ground to the NE of the point. It has a veteran and two normal cavern spiders.

Uzarnian depths Vista (NW that Orvanic Shore, SW of Orvar"s Glen): easily accessible via a cavern to the east. Inside space three normal mobs the you deserve to fight indivdually and one veteran mob. Defeating all of them provides you the skill point.

Vista eastern of Karinn"s Passage, SE of Orvanic Shore, SW of Astrozintli Forelands: rise from the southwest, then drop top top the vista.
Vista NE the Saltflood Mire (south that Floodwater Causeway): approach the vista from the waypoint come the southern of it. As soon as you are near the vista, girlfriend will must jump top top a stone ledge to her left to gain to the vista itself.
Tower that Modius Vista (SE that Veramium Depths, SW that Orvanic Shore): This one requires you to take the long means around. Go v the cavern with the skill suggest to the north. In the SW corner of that cave is a path that leads you come an open up clearing. Go over the waterfall (if you hug the right wall surface you will see some pillars that will take you end it) then keep proceeding southern until you"re over the vista. Drop down on to it.
Vista phibìc of Splintered Coast, SW the Aleem"s Penance: Climb the end of the water native the south and go increase the rock. Take a right, and jump increase the ledges to gain to the vista.
Wrathwave Deeps Vista: It"s top top the height of the wood structure. Swimming onto the surface level and also start climbing the ramps and poles come the top. Over there is a champion Krait at the bottom the you deserve to run past. Once you reach the vista, if you space still "in combat", walk to the character screen and then ago to your character to use it.Dynamic occasion trigger: Scholar Yorix, contempt southwest the the ft Cadence waypoint, starts the occasion "Escort Scholar Yorix through the caverns."Dynamic occasion trigger: Meeloomopp, a quaggan at the Brooloonu Waypoint, beginning the occasion "Escort the quaggan come Quaztocel".Cauliflower patch/farm: Map is below. Keep in mind that this is the same course you take because that the Tower of Modius Vista (above). Over there is a veteran Amini guarding it, yet you can quickly avoid it come gather many of the plants.
Splendid chest: Tequatl the Sunless is a dragon on this map that spawns a splendid chest as soon as killed.

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Sparkfly Fen 100% completion reward (at level 80):
36 silver, 25400 xp, 2 level 60 exotics, 3 straightforward Transmutation Stones and 20 Cayenne Peppers.