This landnote adult Western focused on Marshal Matt Dillon of Dodge City. John Wayne turned dvery own the lead, saying James Arness (that continued to be for its whole run). Originating on radio (through William Conrad as Dillon), it relocated to TV in September 1955. Its popularity spawned a variety of copycats, but none would reap the longevity (and few the continual quality) of this classical.

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Episode 1

The Wreckers

Mon, Sep 11, 1967 60 mins

Kitty provides a despeprice attempt to hide Matt"s identity from a holdup gang by pinning his badge on an unaware outregulation. Tate: Warren Oates. Matt: James Arness. Eli: Charles Seel. Doc: Milburn Stone. Reb: Warren Vanders.

Episode 2

Cattle Barons

Mon, Sep 18, 1967 60 mins

Feuding livestock barons fight for a big herd. Matt: James Arness. Charron: Forremainder Tucker. Cumberledge: Robert Wilke. Festus: Ken Curtis. Blair: John Milford.

Episode 3

The Prodigal

Mon, Sep 25, 1967 60 mins

A sensation-seeking journalist pressures Matt to reopen up an old murder instance. The suspect: Matt. Cole: Lew Ayres. Amos: Charles Robinboy. Kitty: Amanda Blake. Williams: Rictough Evans.

Episode 4


Mon, Oct 2, 1967 60 mins

Part 1. Matt tries to assist a vengeful drifter whose friends were trampled by a rancher"s horsemen. Parker: John Ireland also. Johnson: James Stacy. Matt: James Arness. Festus: Ken Curtis. Zack: Mbody organ Woodward. Angel: Kim Darby. Newly: Buck Taylor.

Episode 5


Mon, Oct 9, 1967 60 mins

Conclusion. A man, arrested for the murder of a tvery own boss, fights to prove his innocence. Matt: James Arness. Parker: John Ireland. Johnson: James Stacy. Doc: Milburn Stone. Angel: Kim Darby.

Episode 6

A Hat

Mon, Oct 16, 1967 60 mins

A stray bullet that damaged a frontiersman"s hat sets off a chain reaction of bloodshed and also retribution. Conniston: Chill Wills. Matt: James Arness. Doc: Milburn Stone. Jed/Ben: Tom Simcox. Kitty: Amanda Blake. Brewer: H.M. Wynant.

Episode 7

Hard-Luck Henry

Mon, Oct 23, 1967 60 mins

Festus travels to Pratt County, wbelow a chest filled via gold has actually added fuel to the Haggen household feud. Henry: John Astin. Dooley: Royal Dano. Harper: Bo Hopkins. Matt: James Arness.

Episode 8

Major Glory

Mon, Oct 30, 1967 60 mins

Two Army deserters await an opportune minute to murder the sergeant who has been hounding them. Vanscoy: Carroll O"Connor. Matt: James Arness. Festus: Ken Curtis. Spear: Victor French. Maxwell: Robert F. Lyons.

Episode 9

The Pillagers

Mon, Nov 6, 1967 60 mins

Newly and also Kitty are kidnapped by a gang who think the gunsmith is a doctor. Manez: John Saxon. Newly: Buck Taylor. Kitty: Amanda Blake. Matt: James Arness. Ganns: Paul Picerni. Turner: William Bramley. Savrin: Vito Scotti. Juan: Joseph Schneider. Eli: Harry Harvey Sr. Johns: Allen Jaffe.

Episode 10

Prairie Wolfer

Mon, Nov 13, 1967 60 mins

Acting marshal Festus leaps right into action as soon as two trappers steal $20,000 from a hair trader that refprovided to buy their pelts. Cory: Jon Voight. Rich: Lou Antonio. Adele: Kelly Jean Peters. Matt: James Arness. Doc: Milburn Stone. Dolen: Charles McGraw.

Episode 11

Stranger in Town

Mon, Nov 20, 1967 60 mins

Pernell Roberts stars as a hired killer who is distracted by the wife who deserted him and also a son he"s never watched. Anne: Jacqueline Scott. Matt: James Arness. Kitty: Amanda Blake. Cagle: Henry Jones. Anderson: R.G. Armsolid. Billy: Eric Shea. Doc: Milburn Stone.

Episode 12

Death Train

Mon, Nov 27, 1967 60 mins

Matt enpressures a quarantine on a railroad vehicle while Doc treats the passengers for a fever that might spcheck out. Isabel: Dana Wynter. Doc: Milburn Stone. Matt: James Arness. Townsend: Mbody organ Woodward. Loftus: Norman Alden. Bright: Ed Bavital.

Episode 13

Rope Fever

Mon, Dec 4, 1967 60 mins

Ralph Bellamy portrays a sheriff that enjoys new-discovered glory once he jails Festus on a trumped-up murder charge. Gruber: George Murdock. Festus: Ken Curtis. Matt: James Arness. Amy: Anna Lee.

Episode 14


Mon, Dec 18, 1967 60 mins

Matt joins an Indian boy searching for a drifter that is being hounded by disgruntled cowboys. Wonder: Tony Davis. Pryor: Rictough Mulligan. Deke: Norguy Alden. Ed: Warren Berlinger. Bo: Ken Swofford.

Episode 15

Baker"s Dozen

Mon, Dec 25, 1967 60 mins

Doc wages a valiant fight---in and out of court---to keep 3 orphans from being separated. Doc: Milburn Stone. Matt: James Arness. Kitty: Amanda Blake. Judge: Denver Pyle. Mrs. Roniger: Peggy Rea. Roniger: Harry Carey Jr.

Episode 16

The Victim

Mon, Jan 1, 1968 60 mins

A lynch mob encounters Matt and also a sheriff. Matt: James Arness. Wes Martin: James Gregory. Lee Stark: Beverly Garland also. Bo Remick: Cliff Osmond. Sheriff Wood: John Kellogg. Judge: Kevin Hagen.

Episode 17

Dead Man"s Law

Mon, Jan 8, 1968 60 mins

While Festus searches for Matt, a vigilante group plunges Dodge City into a nightmare. Wall: John Dehner. Matt: James Arness. Festus: Ken Curtis. Eriksson: Gunnar Hellstrom. Doc: Milburn Stone. Newly: Buck Taylor. Kitty: Amanda Blake.

Episode 18

Nowright here to Run

Mon, Jan 15, 1968 60 mins

Two teenage thieves are afraid they"ll be exposed by their partner---who lies at the bottom of a well. Matt: James Arness. Festus: Ken Curtis. Stonecipher: J. Robert Porter. Bishop: Bob Random.

Episode 19

Blood Money

Mon, Jan 22, 1968 60 mins

An old male encounters 3 killers bent on settling a score via his disabled gunfighter child. Matt: James Arness. Doc: Milburn Stone. Nick: Anthony Zerbe. Festus: Ken Curtis.

Episode 20

Hill Girl

Mon, Jan 29, 1968 60 mins

Newly clashes with the brutish fifty percent brothers of a country girl. Merry: Lane Bradbury. Roland: Victor French. Elbert: Anthony James. Festus: Ken Curtis. Doc: Milburn Stone. Kitty: Amanda Blake.

Episode 21

The Gunrunners

Mon, Feb 5, 1968 60 mins

An old trapper tries to deal out justice to Military deserters who wounded his Indian companion. Matt: James Arness. Meek: Michael Constantine. Doc: Milburn Stone. Tahrohon: Dan Ferrone. Gray: Jim Davis. Festus: Ken Curtis. Patch: Cock Peabody. Lester: James Griffith. Bender: John McLiam.

Episode 22

The Jackals

Mon, Feb 12, 1968 60 mins

Matt rides right into Mexico after the guy that engineered the murder of an old friend. Deevers: Paul Richards. Bates: Ward Wood. Emilio: Felice Orlandi. Santillo: Tige Andrews. Handlin: Joe De Santis.

Episode 23

The First People

Mon, Feb 19, 1968 60 mins

A politically ambitious Indian agent charges Matt via complicity in a murder committed on the reservation. Matt: James Arness. Evans: Gene Evans. Prange: Jack Elam. Mako: James Almanzar. John Eagle Wing: Todd Armstrong. Doc: Milburn Stone.

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Episode 24

Mr. Sam"l

Mon, Feb 26, 1968 60 mins

Ed Begley stars as a rainmaker who stirs up hope in drought-stricken Dodge. Akins: Larry Pennell. Matt: James Arness. Festus: Ken Curtis. Doc: Milburn Stone.

Episode 25

A Noose for Dobie Price

Mon, Mar 4, 1968 60 mins

Matt is forced right into an alliance via a shifty ex-outlaw as he searcs for two condemned killers that damaged jail. Matt: James Arness. Price: Shug Fisher. Walden: Sheldon Allman. Festus: Ken Curtis. Boylan: Robert Donner. Doc: Milburn Stone.