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due to the fact that it introduced there nearly 20 years ago, the German version of Half-Life has actually only been obtainable with hefty content edits. Now, local fans can check out the original, uncensored release for the very first time ever before as a free download top top Steam.

Valve exit Half-Life Uncensored as downloadable content this week, complying with a report that the unedited game had been eliminated from Germany’s perform of objectionable media. It’s obtainable to owners of the censored, original German relax of Half-Life, and also it replace instead instead the edited variation upon installation.

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Known colloquially as “the Index,” the list is regulated by the Federal review Board for Media Harmful to Young Persons. The review Board (or BPjM, together it’s quick for in German) maintains comprehensive list of requirements to safeguard younger consumers from what it deems extreme violence, gore or other controversial elements. Once something end up indexed, it cannot be marketed to everyone under the period of 18 — or also publicly advertised.

Half-Life, together a mature-rated game with lot of of death and also violence, was targeted through the BPjM quickly, just as similar prestige shooters prefer Doom and also Red Faction were. Both have since been eliminated from the Index together well, and also the 2016 version of Doom released uncut in Germany, the very first in the franchise to do so.

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In an interview from early on 1998, Valve chairman Gabe Newell talked around the work-related begrudgingly undergone by the studio to prevent running into Germany’s media standards.

“For the variation of Half-Life to be exit in Germany, we have hard-coded the language setting to it is in German, which way that all of the people in the video game are replaced with robots, the blood is replaced with oil, that body parts are changed with mechanical contents like springs and cogs, and so on,” that told German outlet Link. “This style was done in conjunction v the Sierra product team responsible because that the German market in order come comply through Germany"s laws concerning violence.”

Videos the Half-Life’s heavily edited German release have actually understandably racked up a ton of see on YouTube end the years, because of its to mark changes: