Halo 5: Guardians is the most collectible-heavy of every one of the Halo titles, through 117 pieces of intel to collect and 13 skulls spcheck out across 15 levels.

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Halo 5 Intel Locations Missions 1-3
Halo 5: Guardians is the a lot of collectible-heavy of all of the Halo titles, through 117 pieces of intel to collect and 13 skulls spread across 15 levels. Each level has in between five and 12 pieces of intel, the majority of of which belengthy to a specific series that tells a distinctive story. To collect these intel pieces, you just should approach and access them by holding the activity switch.

Collecting all 117 intel will certainly net you an achievement worth 40 Gamerscore, referred to as "Hunt the Truth." These intel will certainly show up on all obstacles, and also are often reasonably on course towards the finish of the level, simply slightly off to the side and concealed somewright here. Not too many huge detours will should be taken, so it"s sensibly reasonable to knock these out during your Legendary playvia.

Halo 5: Guardians Intel Location Guides

Collectibles in the game deserve to be discovered throughout the entirety of the campaign, not just the initially three objectives. If you"re looking to clean up some missed collectibles in other levels, look no additionally than our various other guides.

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Each item of intel has a distinctive name, and also each mission"s gathered intel can be checked out by pautilizing the game and also clicking "Mission Intel." All of the intel in this overview will certainly be provided with their name, so if you are trying to find a specific one that you are absent, you have the right to find it here quickly.


Unggoy Personal Log 005

Osiris features seven information pads to be collected. The first deserve to be discovered at the very start as quickly as the opening cinematic completes, in the earlier ideal of this location in between two purple cprices. Hug the best wall in the spawning spot and you will certainly discover it.

Jul "Mdama"s Log

Continue with the level until you learn to charge, and have to bust through an ice wall. Immediately after doing so, head forward and to the left to view the data pad on a reduced ledge.

Agreement Combat Orders 028376

Once you reach the suggest pictured listed below, jump as much as the metal platform on the left, then sprint-jump to the better ledge to your appropriate. You will have to grapple this to pull yourself up.

Continue forward and also as much as the better, smaller ledge in front of you to uncover the information pad in the scurrently.

Halsey Research Notes 1/4

Upon your arrival at the icy cave pictured, walk approximately the 2 extremely large cluster of icicles ahead.

Halsey Research Notes 2/4

Once you reach the Forerunner structure below, jump up the ledge to the appropriate of the door wbelow the turret was.

Halsey Research Notes 3/4

Immediately after the last intel, you will certainly run through some hallmeans in the Forerunner structure. Once you reach the room listed below, the data pad will be in the ideal edge by some cprices.

Halsey Research Notes 4/4

In the extremely next room following the third collection of study notes, head to the right of the room.

Up on height of a little elevated platform behind the facility strut, among some cprices will certainly be the level"s final intel.

Blue Team

Argent Moon: Station Warning

Blue Team has actually eight intel, one more than the previous level. The first have the right to be discovered as a terminal log at a computer system as soon as you reach the suggest below. It will certainly be straight ahead of you after you head up the ramp.

Test Results: Asteroidea 59B

A while after the last intel, you will certainly reach a door that says "Central Control" over it. When you view this, rotate around and also challenge the oppowebsite edge of this room.

Climb up the three platforms in that corner. Turn about at the top and jump to the height platcreate to find the intel.

Test Results: Asteroprinciple 61F

After going with the dark tunnels of self-destruction grunts, you"ll concerned a space via a big glowing red edge, pictured listed below.

Go to this red edge and also you have to view a stack of cprices. Behind these cprices is a hole in the wall.

Test Results: Asteroidea 472A

After riding dvery own the elevator that the hunter attacks, the data pad can be found in the middle of the room on the floor, simply left of wright here the hunter is standing in the image below.


Evelyn Collins: Meridian Day 1

The first of Glassed"s six intel pieces have the right to be discovered quickly after you reach the bottom of the elevator. Head right into the big room pictured listed below and also take a appropriate over the "Personnel Walkmethod Only" message.

The History of Meridian 2/6

Immediately after the first intel, you will head external to the location watched listed below. Head outside and take an instant left.

Evelyn Collins: Meridian Day 5

In the same area of the last intel, head approximately the second floor of the big structure pictured listed below.

Head down the hallmeans and take a appropriate into a tiny room. Sitting on the chair in the earlier corner is the intel.

 The History of Meridian 1/6

After the gate opens up and also you gain yourself a warthog, head forward to uncover the area pictured listed below. In the back ideal, you have to check out 2 red cprices.

Drive over to these 2 crates and climb up the appropriate one. Behind it, on the ground will be the radio.

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Evelyn Collins: Meridian Day 17

Throughout your driving portion, you will certainly pass with a structure checked out right here. Once you reach it, leave your warthog and also go to the left of the building, as opposed to going across the bridge.