We understand one method to do an impression on her valentine, is to great them “happy valentine’s day in ‘olelo hawai’i (Hawaiian language). Valentine’s work is a contemporary day celebration; thus not rooted in old Hawaiian tradition and culture. However, V-Day is designated come celebrate love; and also the Hawaiian society surely grounds itself in one really important notion and also that is aloha.

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Though, aloha takes on various meanings; this well-known word is universally well-known as the Hawaiian native for love. No wonder, the Aloha State (Hawai’i) is the perfect ar for you come celebrate love. Much more so if you uncover yourself top top the island of Maui. There are many an excellent ways to make February 14th, a dreamy holiday. Right here are a pair of romantic principles to set the ambiance for you to wish your sweetheart a Happy Valentine’s Day in Hawaiian:

“Hau’oli la aloha” ~ i m sorry literally equates to “happy work love.”








Renew your vows top top the beach. We specialization in private occasions that range from the most basic of wedding/vow ceremonies and receptions come the largest group events. Check out this link for much more information.

Private dinner for two by the ocean. We partner with numerous luxury resorts who sell private, oceanfront dinners all year long. But, over there isn’t a an ext ideal celebration than Valentine’s Day to tailor a special dinner. And also why no kick it increase a notch through arranging for a personal hula dancer and also live music come fashion the many memorable night for her proposal, engagement, anniversary or other significant occasion. Visit link to curate her perfect night.


As a gift of aloha from Manutea Nui E to you, we are providing away a classic fire knife dance. This is a show stopper, and a Polynesian cultural dance perfectly suited for her wedding, proposal, engagement, anniversary, or even birthday party.

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