The 2019 miss Harvest of Harmony Madison Gerken, from McCool Junction High School, waves during the 78th yearly Harvest the Harmony Parade ~ above Saturday in cool Island.

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Lauri Shultis, grand Island elevation

GRAND ISLAND – Madison Gerken, a an elderly at McCool Junction High School, was crowned this year’s Harvest the Harmony Queen.

Gerken is active in one act, speech, youth group, overcome country and track and also field. She is a member of student council, national Honor Society, cheerleading, band, FCA, FFA, expect Squad and flag corp. She obtained the Lincoln journal Star scholastic All State because that girls overcome country and track and also field.

Gerken to plan to attend college and receive she undergraduate level in pre-medical and also then attend medical school to knife a master’s degree. Gerken would choose to come to be a physician’s assistant (PA) and also work in landscape areas.

She was crowned this past weekend throughout the 78th annual Harvest the Harmony celebration event in cool Island.

Two various other Harvest that Harmony queen candidates to be from this area as well – Sammie Osentowski from overcome County and Anne thomas from York.

Runners-up in the Harvest of Harmony Queen pageant to be Lacey Hoffman that Giltner publicly Schools, very first runner-up; Anna Johnson of Aurora High School, second runner-up; Hannah French that Axtell ar Schools, third runner-up; and Hailey Bixler of Neligh-Oakdale Schools, fourth runner-up.

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