‘Getaway’ through This new Film from E.C. Aboriginal Filmmaker Mack Hastings

‘The Getaway’ functions Eau Claire writers, regional musicians, and also features regional scenery, however has a broad appeal

AlyssaAnderson | September 1, 2021

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HILARIOUS HIJINKS. A brand-new locally created film The Getaway gets civilization pumped for the Halloween season through “horror comedy” appeal. (Submitted photos)

An eclectic short film from Minneapolis-based, Eau Claire native filmmaker Mack Hastings is certain to leaving audiences deep unsettled – yet sore through laughter.

The Getaway, which was shot critical year in Eau Claire with complete COVID-19 precautions, is a striking blend of suspense, hilarity, and keen social commentary the culminates in an unforgettable twist.

“I would explain it as a fear comedy,” Hastings said. “An influencer couple rents one Airbnb to gain out of the city and… hijinks ensue.”

The film stars Eau Claire’s very own Collin Sinz, Elise Wattman, and Josh Ingersoll, and also features a score composed by neighborhood musician Hunter Nicholson.

I Hope civilization enjoy the movie and also go in through an open up mindset.

I am really happy i have good friends who space really talented and assist me do my movies. Well, ours movies.


Mack Hastings

Local Filmmaker

Hastings said he composed the film specifically for Sinz, who he met while doing high institution improv. ~ seeing some “hilarious” front-facing videos Sinz post on Facebook, Hastings claimed he knew he want to occupational with him.

“I thought (we have to do) something whereby we can have him perform those front-facing selfie videos, (which) would certainly really utilize his skillset well,” Hastings said. “From there, I came up through the idea of one influencer.”

With the help of mock Ingersoll – that plays the film’s most unforgettable role – Hastings fleshed the end the story and got writing. The final product, i m sorry features familiar Eau Claire scenery such as Lake Altoona and also the third Ward and also East Hill neighborhoods, premiered at a house show in July alongside films from Eau Claire creatives Tim Schwagel and also Gabbie Henn.

Before premiering the film online, Hastings plans come do more screenings of the film during the Halloween season “to get human being in the Halloween spirit,” he said.

“I hope human being enjoy the movie and go in v an open up mindset,” Hastings said.

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“I am yes, really happy ns have good friends who are really talented and aid me make my movies. Well, our movies.”