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Posted on January 27, 2009 by homeschoolbookreviewblogComments3 comments on “He Is mine Everything”“He Is my Everything”

"HE IS my EVERYTHING""…Christ is all and also in all…" (Col. 3:11)

INTRO.: A song which points the end that Christ need to be every to us is "He Is my Everything." The message is usually identified as a traditional American people Hymn and also the track is said to it is in a traditional American people Melody. The very first time I observed the track was sometime in the early 1970s when duplicates were advertised because that sale in some magazine published by brethren, most likely when I was in college. I obtained one and also pasted that in mine copy the Christian Hymns No. 3. Stanza 1 was said to be by william Harrison (Bill) Tyner, who was born in 1940. Stanza 2 was attributed to Ernest Allen Clevenger Jr., that was born top top Oct. 30, 1929, in Chattanooga, TN, to Ernest Allen Clevenger Sr. And also Mary Ellen Fridell Clevenger. In 1950, that married Glenda Willoughby, and they have actually two children, Ernest III and Elisabeth Anne. Clevenger got his education from numerous institutions, including David Lipscomb College, Harding Graduate institution of Bible and Religion, southern Christian University, and Berean Christian College, v honorary degrees from Livingston University, and Thomas Goode Jones institution of Law. As a minister, the has worked with churches of Christ in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alabama, and also written many books. Also, he has actually taught in high schools and colleges and also served together President of Faulkner University.

The tune is plan to remind us how much Jesus should average to us.

I. Stanza 1 states that that is my everything"He is mine everything. That is my all.He is mine everything, both good and small.He offered His life because that me, made whatever new. He is mine everything. Currently how about you?Some folks may ask me, part folks may say, ‘Who is this Jesus girlfriend talk about every day?’He is my Savior. He set me free. Now listen while i tell friend what He means to me."A. Jesus should be mine everything since He gave His life for me: Rom. 5:8B. Therefore, I have to talk around Him every day, simply as the former demoniac to be told to go tell his friends what the Lord had actually done for Him: Mk. 5:19C. Indeed, I must want the whole people to understand that he is my Savior: Lk. 2:11

II. Stanza 2 says that He will be your everything"He’ll be her everything. He’ll be her all. He’ll be her everything, both an excellent and small.He gave His life because that you, made everything new. He’ll be your everything, together He is mine too.Is He your Savior this an extremely day? Is he the human being you talk about day by day?Yes, that will conserve you, He’ll set you free. So follow His commandments. Sing in addition to me."A. Jesus wants to be her everything and also showed that by giving His life for you: 1 Cor. 15:3B. What a human being talks around demonstrates what is essential to him, for this reason you should talk about Jesus job by day, prefer the apostle who could not but speak what they had actually seen and heard: plot 4:20C. If you will certainly truly accept Jesus in obedience come Him, that shall set you free: Rom. 6:18-19

III. Stanza 3 claims that He have to be our everything"He is ours everything. That is ours all. That is ours everything, both an excellent and small.He gave His life because that us, made whatever new. The is ours everything. Currently how about you?Some folks might ask us, part folks may say, ‘Who is this Jesus girlfriend talk around on the way?’He is our Savior. He set us free. We’ll follow Him forever, to eternity."A. Jesus will certainly be our whatever if us remember the He provided His life for us, in fact, because that everyone: Heb. 2:9B. Sometimes people ask us a factor of the hope the is within us: 1 Pet. 3:15C. Therefore, we have to be talking around Him top top the method and complying with Him: Matt. 16:24

CONCL.: The chorus repeats the first few lines of the opened stanza around how essential Jesus should be to us:"He is my everything. He is mine all. He is mine everything, both good and small.He gave His life for me, made every little thing new. That is mine everything. Now how about you?"At one time, the song was immensely popular, yet is perhaps less so today.

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Clevenger wrote, "Somewhat disappointing, after the new wore off, was the progressive dropping the the 2nd verse. After declaring in the first verse one’s firm belief in Jesus, I had actually written a second verse the posed an invitation to any who might not have become a Christian….Several version have showed up in the last couple of years; however, as is frequently the situation with songs of every type, the more recent songs and also the younger generations have pushed the use of ‘He Is mine Everything’ into the background." However, the song can serve a useful purpose in reminding me the "He Is mine Everything."