One that the biggest landowners and farmers in ours area, cutting board Henry Scott to be born august 2, 1835 in Clay to Stewart and also Catherine (Vanderwerken) Scott and also was baptized might 15, 1836 in ~ Immanuel Lutheran Church. Stewart had actually moved come Clay native Albany around 1830 and also was a highly educated man engaged in constant study, with considerable library the books. His father, Hugh Scott (Thomas’s grandfather) to be an immigrant native Londonberry (Derry) Ireland. He was a good news of Scotch-Irish descent and also came come America to have greater spiritual freedom. Once Thomas’s father, Stewart, passed far in 1850, that was only 15 year old. Cutting board inherited most of his father’s usual estate, after provisions were produced his mother and also sister, Catherine Maria, that was born January 15, 1838 and also baptized on June 11. One stipulation in Stewart’s will was that thomas was compelled to carry out horses and carriages for his mommy so the she can attend church services and he to be to accompany her to church as regularly as possible. In ~ the period of 26, cutting board enlisted on July 28, 1862 in ~ Syracuse to serve three years in the civil War. He offered in company B, 122nd NY Volunteer Infantry Regiment. He mustered in together a exclusive on august 1. His figure was described as: light hair, irradiate eyes, irradiate complexion and height that 5 ft. 4 in. Tall. Throughout the fight of Culp’s Hill in ~ Gettysburg, Pennsylvania top top July 3, 1863, he to be wounded. In a letter written home on June 8, 1864, he detailed his task as a spicy shooter (sniper), a task he normally would not have actually wanted, but he to be willing to perform to avenge the fatality of his collapse comrades. Top top July 1, 1864, he was promoted to sergeant and also on July 12 at the fight of fort Stevens, he was wounded again (a slim contusion that the right elbow). That was supported to first sergeant January 14, 1865 and also on may 11, the was commissioned as second lieutenant. Top top June 23, 1865, he mustered the end in Washington, D. C. Returning house to Clay, that married Harriet Webb in 1866. The couple had at least five children: Stewart, Laura, Edwin, cutting board H., Jr. And also Hawley. By 1874, he owned 75 acres at his homestead at 8702 Henry Clay Boulevard phibìc of Pine levels Cemetery. He to be the supervisor of a group dubbed the “Principal Farmers, Manufacturers and also Merchants” the the city of Clay section. The census of 1875 shows he owned a farm yard of 84 acres producing/raising winter wheat, oats, winter rye, apples, grapes, cattle, milk, butter, horse, pigs and poultry, The farm yard was worth $6,000 cash. Onondaga county records show that he was Onondaga county Clerk 1876-1877. The was one of the founding members of the Onondaga county Agricultural society and was preferred Vice-President because that the city of Clay top top February 9, 1878. Through the census the 1880, he own several ranches in Clay and also Cicero occupying 619 acres. The worth of the ranches was approximated at $27,950, not including animals, develop or tools/farm implements. That is felt the the enormous expansion of thomas Scott’s genuine estate realm in the 1870’s may have actually been the result of the lengthy Depression the 1873-1879, i m sorry forced plenty of farmers out of business. The may have snatched up small farms at short prices. On web page 82 of WELCOME to CLAY published by the Clay historic Association in 1978, there is a line drawing of his farm yard on Henry Clay Blvd.

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Although it is not recognized what happened to all his holdings from 1880, the main part of the homestead is quiet standing. Thomas passed far in 1903 and is hidden in Pine plains Cemetery.