UFCW local 400 is working to pass a brand-new law dubbed the The Heroes pay Act, i beg your pardon will administer a one-time payment to necessary workers in DC.

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The Heroes pay Act will administer a one-time payment to 10s of thousands of necessary workers that risked your health and also their resides by working during the pandemic. DC got billions in federal aid which can be provided for every sorts of relief efforts, consisting of hazard salary for vital workers.

The payments will be spread through sponsor awarded to exclusive employers in the District. The payment would come in 2 forms:

$500 because that each eligible essential worker who performed at the very least 100 hrs of crucial work between March 1, 2020, and also April 30, 2021, in ~ a rate of $5 per hour worked;$250 because that each default worker that performed essential work for at the very least 50 hrs after might 1, 2021, at a rate of $5 per hour worked.

We require your aid to totally fund Hero Pay! ideal now, $5 million is allocated to fund the program, however we need $15 million an ext to do it a reality. The council requirements to hear from you!

Please take it ten minutes to make calls to councilmembers and also ask castle to assistance allocating added funding come the Heroes pay Act for important workers.

Call every the at-large board of directors members and the chair:

Anita BondsAt-Large(202) 724-8064
Christina HendersonAt-Large(202) 724-8105
Robert C. White, Jr.

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At-Large(202) 724-8174
Phil MendelsonChairman(202) 724-8032

AND your ward councilmember:

(Don’t know your ward? look it up here.)

Brianne K. NadeauWard 1(202) 724-8181
Brooke PintoWard 2(202) 724-8058
Mary M. ChehWard 3(202) 724-8062
Janeese Lewis GeorgeWard 4(202) 724-8052
Kenyan R. McDuffieWard 5(202) 724-8028
Charles AllenWard 6(202) 724-8072
Vincent C. GrayWard 7(202) 724-8068
Trayon White, Sr.Ward 8(202) 724-8045


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