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Givola Labs Pte LtdSee also: Top 10 Apps favor Reroll

Bring your D&D personalities to life in pixel art. Reroll is an app for D&D 5th Edition that allows you to create and customize your characters in pixel art.The application comes with a complimentary try-out through 1 ch.. Read more

A finish multiple page character sheet for a fifth edition tabletop duty playing game. Also consists of a character creator for conveniently making characters.Customizable 5 page character sheet:- Create.. Read more

Why.PrismScroll is the last Dungeons and Dragons Character Sheet Builder you’ll ever must download! Beautitotally designed for your mobile devices, PrismScroll offers the the majority of powerful combicountry b.. Read more

Indie RPG made with passion, not greed, by a handful of oldcollege RPG fans.Eternium is an amazingly fun and beauticompletely crafted Action RPG, reminiscent of the good standards Diablo and also Torchlight... Read more

An epic blockbuster action-RPG featuring Super Heroes and Villains from the Marvel Universe!The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Inhuman beings, Defenders, X-Men, Spider-Man, and also more!Over 200 characte.. Read more


MARVEL Puzzle Quest: Hero RPG

D3Publisher of America, Inc.See also: Top 10 Apps favor MARVEL Puzzle Quest: Hero

“Marvel Puzzle Quest Might Just Be My Forever before Game” – WIRED9.1 out of 10 “An intricately crafted, remarkably deep experience – Marvel Puzzle Quest doesn’t simply satisfy the expectations of its name, i.. Read more

A stunning epic classic styled ARPG for today’s digital devices! In this dynamic fantasy activity game, your heroic adventure will check out you battle through demons, mastering their demonic powers through thei.. Read more

Take command of your Dungeons & Dragons game through Video Game Master 5th Edition. This DM tool renders building a campaign basic and also takes many the hassle of out of running a game so that you have the right to emphasis on m.. Read more

It’s time to endure the magic and also wonder of Harry Potter like never before! Prepare to actors spells, outsmart difficulties, and also celebprice the whimsy of the Wizarding World while ending up being enchanted by.. Read more

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From the makers of Plants vs. Zombies 2 and Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 comes the next epic battle in between doom and bloom – Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. Build your team of heroes in this courage.. Read more

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