I get tired of feeling so lonely, in ~ midnight in the city, lost in a dream,

Oh, baby, no, ns don’t wanna call you back home, but I leaving a light on. Yeah, ns still put our 45 on, favor I’m back in your arms

And it was 6 years Till us ran the end of tears, oh no, six years ago. Young and also sixteen, us were stuck in in between this hell and who we were before. The sweet summer highs Turned come indigo nights, ns still miss my baby on a Saturday like It was 6 years Till us ran the end of tears, five no, It’s every indigo

Standing ~ above the leaf of the rest of my life, and I’ve been chasing wild equines Into a pale desert twilight

Why’d friend gotta speak to me earlier home, Why’d you leave the irradiate on. Yeah, yeah, I’ve to be holding on because that so long, revolve around and also you’re gone

Yeah, yeah, yeah, It’s every indigo

Where did friend go, ‘Cause you tearing me apart. Where execute you go when you’re Running with my heart

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Hypnotic love, love, love, love

Darker vibrations Dance roughly you choose a fire, Out v your man and also still you begging to conspire, Taking everything for granted for a moment of passion again, You want it, I desire it, oh

I can’t assist myself, i don’t want regret, You traction me come the back and touch my neck, We’re deeper in a really negative mess

I want your warm hypnotic love, ‘Cause i’m feeling favor a villain right now, I’d stealing the breath the end from her lungs, Yeah, I’d love to present You how, She phone call him in ~ five, She speak him a lie, she’s Crossing the line because that a great time, I want your warm hypnotic Love, love, love, love

Ritualistic thriller, simultaneously pleasures, Quiet like we to be killers, Fingers anywhere the trigger

Turn and also lock the door, top top the toilet floor, already had a taste, yet you desire more, she the kinda dirty ns looking for

What I want is much more than this, ns can’t quite get the suitable fit, I gained so ailing of loneliness, I lost myself in your hot mess



from “The never List Soundtrack”

Blacked out in the classics, roll to your party now. You can do the talk ‘cause boys are great for lashing out. Pull up in ~ the function, fill me up and simmer down, Calling the end my name, ns ain’t giving you up now, offering you up now

Big dollar bills do you crazy, crazY. Out chasing thrills, speak baby, baby

Yeah, ns really favor a negative girl. Bad girls have actually a little an ext bite. Permit me take you because that a ride girl, I simply wanna hit your line. Bad, negative girls choose you, Spilling wine on you. Bad, bad girls choose yoU, making me wild because that you

Yeah, ns really like a bad girl. I don’t wanna waste no time. Permit me take it you for a journey girl, Promise I’ma treat you right. Bad, negative girls choose yoU, Spilling alcohol on you. Bad, poor girls prefer you, making me wild for you

What friend wanting baby? No one’s in ~ the party now. We have the right to grab a room and maybe you can feel me out. Touch me choose you do, Yeah, come on baby show me how. Calling the end my name, ns ain’t offering you increase now, giving you increase now

Calling out for friend ‘Cause she a bad, negative girl, yeah. Touch me like you do, I need a bad, negative girl, yeah


Flowers in my head, flowers in mine bed, acquired me thinking, reminiscing,I to be happy through you there.Lying alongside you, In Chicago v a view, God, ns love the method you looked in ~ me, I thought it could be true lovE.Back in seventeen, When whatever was green, I’d gain lost in you because that hours, Nothing could come between,

Your pretty face down on mine chest, You make it straightforward to obsess, now Your vision’s dance in my head, i wish you to be still in my bed with

Your body, my body, Touch of her skin will certainly tell a different story, as soon as our body collide.You got it, I want it, Pulling me into you until the morning, as soon as your body’s on mine.You got me emotion the heat from her love, emotion the warm from your lovin’ once our bodies collide

I’m drunk and also I’m alone, there’s a lump within my throat, and also I can’t stay high, ns think the you and miss you once you’re gone.

It’s no living if it’s v your ghost, Come on earlier to me, I need you close, If ns hear her voice I’d be alright ‘Cause I’d ruin any kind of day because that a long night with…

You got me feeling the warmth from your love, feeling the warm from her lovin’ as soon as your body’s on mine

Yeah, I desire your body on mine bodyOn her body ~ above mine, I want your body, oh, I want your body



Turn top top the night, i wanna walk for a ride, under the lonely highways, In the earlier of her mind. Turn on the nighT, i wanna watch in those beautiful blue eyes, In the back of my car, I’ll let you placed it in drive

Rolling with the hills in the moonlight, Aromas in the air, cigarillos and lime, Nectar from she skin got me Spellbound come the night

Yeah, we got that backseat bliss, Twisting her hips, Fogging up the windows, In a ‘99 stick. Backseat bliss, Locked in her lips, Dancing with the devil, gets you hot like this

You space centrifugal motion, Wrapping round my head like a notioN, you’re the light to my dark, you an eclipse of mine heart

There’s city to love in the madness, I’d run throughout the desert simply to hold you tight, hear to your dreams, You’re for this reason lovely, I might die

She calls because that more, that witchy woman, girlfriend can’t adjust A attention girl

Oh, I favor the way you move with me, baby. Unh, I choose the method you move, we locked right into your groove



Hey, you contact me misunderstood. I’m no from your neighborhood, no, and also baby i’ll play your game my way, yeah. ‘Cause you recognize I’m not fairly your style, however just wait until as soon as the sun goes down

In the clouds, feeling it now, Yeah, you’re transforming me up. Ns played v fire and I favored it

Won’t friend come aroundParty at my house. Drink the up and also selfie like models. Carry the table out, 70’s vibin’. Light me up, We keep it iconic

Ain’t no stoppin’ once you’re feelin’ favor this.Yeah, ns love the way you taste on mine lips, won’t you come aroundParty at my house. Light me up, We keep it iconic

Hey, now that you’ve let me in, You know I’m coming earlier again, So, slip into a dress the kills. Protect against the bad boys through your bad, poor thrills. She a physical, chemical spark in the night, prefer a jet-black wild cat all set to bite

Everyone’s dreaming, Dancing through demons, functioning on feeling (Forgot a meaning). Here I to be dreaming, grounding in mine feelings, Love is my reason, yeah

CRY because that ME

Tell me would you cry for me, Lock me down and you can throw far the key. Tell me what you wanna say. Got the love because that you flowing through my veins

You’re pushing once I’m pulling friend closer, and also we’re a small closer come closure. For this reason tell me what friend wanna say, Hanging ~ above the exact same mistake, i wish you would certainly come ago when we’re sober

And ns don’t wanna phone call you ns lonely, only you know just how to reduced me so deep. And also maybe i have been lacking you lately, Baby, tell me would you cry because that me

Remember how we used to be. Summer nights we spent alone in ~ 23. Now I’m begging you come stay, There’s only so lot the heart deserve to take

Now ns pushing when you’re pulling me closer, You never realize ‘til it’s over, Your readjust of heart a tiny late, tiny late to adjust your playI’m feeling like I don’t also know you

Wanna love, wanna feel


Took a wrong rotate in cultivation up wherein the lost boys meet and the train tracks end, and I, well I never ever made amends

Found a destination in a dirty town wherein the needless restrictions really carry you down to the wire, favor you’re feeding top top the pyre

What around you with your precious excuse, have actually you really shed your psychic or are you buying just a little an ext time ’Til the verdict of her life

Medicated, Asphyxiated, AnnotateD: Perplexed and also verging ~ above delirium, ns am the end of mine mind

Let’s start the revolution in our bones, Or we’ll forever it is in unknown. For this reason baby, let’s begin on this dead-end roadway alone while we are in control, Let’s begin the revolution in us all

Took a not correct turn and growing numb, ns numb to the city, numb to the dreaded old hum and also longing for my home

Searching for a melody so sweet that all the boys and girls will be on your feet in ~ the present That’s only in mine dreams


I’ve been driving with the night, passing every leave sign. ‘Cause you claimed you loved the ride, and also i miss your lullabyHey, Wait. I’m no good at emotion down. I’d be far better off if ns was emotion nothinG. Everybody’s in search of a meaning, ns not.

Hey, Babe. Why’d you make me feel alone? Everybody’s feather to believe in something. You were whatever I ever needed, ns know

Can I get over you? deserve to I acquire over you? obtained me lost in your love and I can’t give you upCan I obtain over you? can I acquire over you? she a dream in the night, Bittersweet paradise

You’ve been roaming ‘round mine mind, choose the breeze rolls with the pine, and you do my civilization ignite, Serotonin firefly

Over and over, over and also over…Hey now, listen me outI observed heaven and also it made me doubt


I tried my finest to it is in an moral man yet I deserve to only reference myself. I speak in one all approximately your head ‘Cause the truth would never ever sit also well, and

if I fall Out of love v you mine friendWould you pardon my wild heart again

I’ll tell friend something true around myself, I prefer a little of mystery. Friend told me everything about your soul, her present and your history.

Then i think of you and I think that me and also everything in between, and also I’m young and also I’m dumb and I’ve hurt you some, Baby, now it’s time to prevent the dreamYour colour conserved me native the dark, together we’re a work of art, i loved you ‘til it dropped apartBut you can’t tame a wild heart



When the sunlight goes under on my next of town, the lonesome feeling comes to my door, and the whole world turns blue. There"s a synopsis bar "cross the railroad tracks, I acquired a table for two method in the back, where I sit alone and also think of losing yoU

I spend most every night in ~ the light Of a neon moon

AND if you lose your one and also only, There"s constantly room here for the lonely, To clock your damaged dreams dance in and out of the beams of a neon moon

I think of two young lover running wild and free, i close my eyes and also sometimes see, friend in the shadows of this smoke-filled rooM. No informing how countless tears I"ve sat here and cried, Or how numerous lies that I"ve lied, telling my poor heart she"ll come earlier someday

Oh, yet I"ll it is in alright As long as there"s irradiate From a neon moon

The jukebox theatre on, drink by drink, and also the words of every sad song seem come say what i think. This hurt within of me ain"t never ever gonna end



One of this nights. One of these crazy old nights. We"re gonna uncover out, quite mama What turns on your lights. The full moon is calling, the fever is high and also the wicked wind whispers and moans. You obtained your demons and you gained desires. Well, I’VE gained a few of mine ownOoh, who to be kind to In in between the dark and the light. Ooh, coming best behind you, make an oath I"m gonna uncover you among these nightsOne of this dreams, YEAH. Among these lost and lonely dreams. We"re gonna uncover A GIRL. Oh, one that really screams. I"ve been searching for the daughter that the devil himself. I"ve been trying to find an angel in white. I"ve been trying to find a mrs who"s a small of both and I can feel her however she"s i do not have anything in sightOoh, loneliness will certainly blind youIn between the wrong and also the right. Ooh, coming right behind you, swear I"m gonna find you among these nights




Now here you go again, you to speak You desire your freedom. Well, that am ns to keep you down? It"s just right the you have to Play the method you feeling it. Listen carefully to the sound Of your loneliness, like a heartbeat drives you mad, In the stillness of mental what friend had and also what you lost and also what friend had, Oh, and also what friend lost, ohThunder only happens once it"s rainin". Players only love you as soon as they"re playin". And women, they will certainly come and they will certainly go. As soon as the rain washes you clean, you"ll know. You"ll knowNow right here I walk again, I view the decision visions. I keep my visions to myself, keep "em come myself, yeah. It"s only me who wants to wrap roughly your dreams and, have actually you any dreams you"d like to sell? dreams of loneliness,Now below you go again, girlfriend sayYou want your freedomWell, who am i to save you down?



Turn top top the night, i wanna go for a ride, down the lonely highways In the ago of your mind. Rotate on the night, i wanna look at in those beautiful blue eyes, In the earlier of mine car, I’ll permit you put it in drive

Ooh, girl, I choose the way that girlfriend move, girl. I like the means that you’re burn up the rhythm, Chasing high to the edge of the night. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah

Burning increase the rhythm, burning up the rhythm

You room centrifugal motion, wrapping ‘round mine head prefer a notion. You the irradiate to mine dark, she an eclipse of mine heart

A witchy, wild woman v the moon on her side, Yeah, my breathings gaining heavy and her body’s on fire. A witchy, wild woman with the moon on she side gained me slipping into heaven, she’s my paradise


I’ve been driving through the night, passing every departure sign. ‘Cause you claimed you loved the ride, and also i miss out on your lullabyHey, Wait. I’m no great at feeling down. I’d be better off if i was feeling nothinG. Everybody’s looking for a meaning, i’m not.

Hey, Babe. Why’d you make me feeling alone? Everybody’s looking to believe in something. You were whatever I ever needed, ns know

Can I obtain over you? have the right to I get over you? got me lost in your love and also I can’t offer you upCan I gain over you? have the right to I obtain over you? she a dream in the night, Bittersweet paradise

You’ve been roaming ‘round my mind, like the breeze rolls through the pine, and also you make my human being ignite, Serotonin firefly

Over and over, over and also over…Hey now, hear me outI observed heaven and it do me doubt

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You so, friend so precious once you smile. Hit that from the ago and journey you wild. Girl, I shed myself increase in those eyes. I just had to permit you understand you"re mineHands on your body, ns don"t wanna waste no time. Feels prefer forever also if forever"s tonight. Simply lay with me, waste this night away through me. You"re mine, ns can"t look away, I just Wanna sayI"m so, ns so happy you"re alive. Swear to God, I"m under if you"re down, all you gotta say is "Right". Girl, noþeles I can do simply to make you feel alright. Oh, ns just had to let you know you"re fine. To run circles "round my mind. Also when it"s rainy, every you ever before do is shine. Friend on fire. You a star as with Mariah. Man, this feeling incredible, I"ll rotate you into a bride, you"re mineYou’re so, you’re for this reason precious as soon as you smile. And also you smile, girlfriend smile, girlfriend smile, smile, smile since you’re mine