It’s been a year since the relax of Hey Violet's debut EP, I have the right to Feel It, and also fans are an ext than hungry for new music. Luckily, that’s wherein their new project, Brand new Moves come in. The EP consists of a complete of 5 songs, 2 of which space variations of the location track: a stripped under version and also then a remix. The the type of track you can listen come over and also over, therefore a remix is essentially a gift that keeps on giving. Appropriately enough, lyrics favor “Don’t that feel favor it’s to be forever / don’t it feel like it’s to be a while,” definitely sum increase the excitement and also anticipation the fans have actually felt in the days leading up to release day.

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In Hey Violet, Rena Lovelis sings lead, while her sister Nia dram the drums, Miranda fearbut is top top vocals and also keys, and Casey Moreta theatre guitar. And even before signing v 5 secs of Summer’s hi Or Hey records in 2015, Hey Violet was gaining notoriety indigenous their mirrors in the Los Angeles area. After lock sealed the attend to their label, their fandom spiked to brand-new heights together they performed spontaneous acoustic sets all around the world.

Teen Vogue captured up with Rena to learn all about the band’s new music, what it’s like to hang out with the 5SoS guys — whom they’re currently on tour v — and also what that was like to win the Teen an option Award because that “Next huge Thing.” They certainly live as much as that moniker, with over 450K Twitter pendant and practically as numerous fans on Instagram. However this is just the beginning.

Rena Lovelis: It was surreal; we had actually actually to be to the Teen choice Awards the year before and also we weren't nominated or anything. This year us were nominated and also it to be mind-boggling to us that us would also be thought about for one award. But we were super grateful as soon as we in reality won it. I was flipping out. Later on we were all type of crying and emotional that we won and got to hold the surfboard. Us were all too short for it.

RL: The one that I'm many excited about is the stripped-down variation because there's these different chords that space played acoustically and also it was cool. But I think the pan will favor the recorded version that “F*qBoi.” ns think it's yes, really funny, and it's so true. Girlfriend know, you view them on Twitter talking about it – “Netflix and also chill,” and also all that stuff.

TV: What to be going with your head when you were writing and creating the song?

RL: once we write, it's constantly a cooperation process, so we were like, ‘What execute we desire to write about?’ and also we don't think of like, ‘What's most relevant appropriate now?’ because that appears gimmicky come us. But we to be like, us all have that one guy in life that's like, “What was ns thinking?” so we wrote a song based turn off of that, where we were like, "I don't understand what ns was reasoning then, and he to be a jerk!"

TV: How has your tour with 5 secs of Summer been going?

RL: It's amazing because when we began on tour through them, us were a embarrassy band and we were yes, really excited to be there. We were gaining to understand the guys, and also now ~ above this tour, we're all an excellent friends. It's funny, we'll all be scootering together backstage – us all bought a bunch that scooters at Walmart and also the boys have actually motorized scooters. We’re always joking around and scootering roughly the parking lot wherein all the buses are.

TV: were you a fan before you acquired on tour v them?

RL: I in reality did no listen to them. And I'm thankful because that it due to the fact that I feel favor if had actually I heard your music, ns would have been starstruck. The was an extremely chill, and it was an organic method of conference them 'cause the was new to us, and also we were new to them.

TV: Is there a tape or artist the you would certainly love to collab with?

RL: scare At the Disco. Yeah, Brendon Urie — as well as the reality that he's really cute, as soon as I check out him perform, it’s pretty much unlike noþeles I've ever seen. It's inspiring, and also he goes 110% on stage.

TV: can you tell us around the acoustic performances that you have actually been putting on end the past years?

RL: Basically, right before a show, we'll do it at roughly 3:00 external the venue. It's nice 'cause we actually acquire to accomplish all the fans and we gain to watch their various personalities. Some room shy, some room a little outgoing. It's nice come actually affix with them; it's a lot more intimate. We'll play a couple songs and also then we take images with them and also stuff.

TV: particularly being a teens yourself, what is it choose to have so numerous young world who are inspired by you and your music?

RL: It's actually motivating for us. It’s nice that are our age because we acquire to accumulate them to play . We acquire tweets all the time that are like, ‘You inspired me to choose up the bass’ or ‘You motivated me to start singing.’ Or, ‘Miranda motivated me to play keys,’ every one of that stuff. to inspire young people to do what they want, even if it is they desire to be artist or dancers or singers; just go because that it. And also love what you're doing. 'Cause if you gain stuck at a job that friend don't like, it's like, ‘What's the point?’

TV: What have the right to fans mean next?

RL: besides the EP coming out, we’re gonna be functioning on one album; we've been creating non-stop. Ns think we have sufficient songs for choose three albums best now, but we have to be like, ‘All right, this one's solid, we're linked to this one.’ We're likewise going ago out because that the second leg the the tour with 5 secs of Summer. We're act the remainder of America and then we're actually going come Australia, i beg your pardon is exciting because Casey's never ever been there. Therefore it's walking to be a new experience.

TV: Where do you expect to watch yourself in 5 years?

RL: us played Madison Square Garden ~ above the an initial leg of the tour, yet obviously us were openers. So, hopefully in 5 years us will have actually headlined Madison Square Garden at some point. And hopefully associated to even an ext fans and also an even bigger audience where we have the right to inspire people and also make it recognized that this is what we desire to do.

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