The manufacturing of His Story the Musicalinvolved the work of dozens that professionals around the globe, including the legend Wendy Waldman’s Longhouse Studios, award-winning Christian singer Christine Dente’, medalist Atom cable Quartet, and listed producer Pawel Zarecki, from areas on four continents. Musicians and also vocalists have actually recorded in Poland, Los Angeles, Singapore and also Israel.

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Anna is the writer that His Story and also is the voice, and also heart the Mary. A homeschooled dyslexic, Anna penned the songs starting when she was 16 (now 18).

Anna resides in Kauai, Hawaii.

Mix classical music v jazz, jazz with pop, and pop with gospel to find an artist who truly understands the strength in life in a musical people without categorical boundaries.

Born and also raised in the love of Augusta, Georgia, Jamal uncovered his love because that music listening come the soulful gospel melodies the his grandmother and also the funky rhythmic beats of his father. Jamal attended university at the Eastman school of Music wherein he trained in opera. He then finishedhis collegiate career through the college of Rochester’s a cappella group, The Yellow Jackets. Jamal joined the group competing on Season three of NBC’s The Sing-Off, whereby he was a featured soloist every week. Together a soloist, Jamal won prayer from the judges because that his distinctive voice and capability to mix many genres, at once. Jamal returned to The Sing-Off in Season Five, together a member that The Exchange. Since 2012, Jamal Moore has toured end fifty nations with The Exchange, exit multiple albums across mainstream platforms, and also has common the phase with musical symbols such together Wynton Marsalis and also Beyoncé. After year on tour, Jamal is now living his dream of creating music of his own and also performing those hits for the world. He proceeds to release covers/mash-ups for his fans on YouTube and is functioning on a solo E.P.


Gabriel (aka black Gryph0n) is a singer, actor, musician, song-writer, voiceover artist and US marine Veteran. Throughout his time in the us Navy Band, he to be awarded three Navy accomplishment Medals for to sing authentically in 12 languages because that millions of civilization in 20 various countries. A couple of of his current film and TV roles include two lead characters on "Geronimo Stilton", Becky the Loon in Pixar's "Finding Dory" and lead vocals in Disney Channel's "YoKai Watch". He additionally has numerous viral videos on his "Black Gryph0n" YouTube channel, including "One Guy, 23 Voices", "asdfmovie10" by Tom Ska, "No Mercy" by TheLivingTombstone, and "Beep Beep I'm a Sheep" through LilDeuceDeuce.

"I'm exceedingly thankful for the opportunities I've had and for the great audience that has actually supported me! i hope to bring as much light and happiness to them together they have carried to me!"


California born and also raised, Revel Day has actually been singing and performing professionally from the young age of 12. Quick forward a decade and also he’s uncovered success in many aspects of the music industry.

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As a elevator vocalist he’s worked with Pharrell, Vance Joy, Kirk Franklin, Stevie Wonder and also more. After cut his this as a songwriter, stage performer, and occasional model, Revel has found his true love in artistry. ~ his debut album, Church Boy, obtained rave reviews, he shared the stage with artist such as Andy Mineo, Avalon Young, and Xavier Omar.

Revel’s music is a feel great “Alternative Soul” vibe, with lyrics that deserve to alleviate your pain and medicate your soul. Revel Day’s music is simply at the beginning, talked from the talent himself, “I feel like I’m just obtaining started together an artist, i can’t wait to check out where this trip takes me.”