The Holiday pair Drive-In in ft Collins, Colorado is a an old-school drive-in movie theatre reflecting both standard and contemporary films in an out setting. Every summer night Holiday pair is open, guests space treated come a dual feature because that the price the one.

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Enjoy a night out with your family and friends without ever leaving your car.

Drive-in theater protocol

Theatre staff will certainly assign every guest a parking spot according to the size of your car. Higher cars will be assigned come the ago rows, ensuring everyone deserve to see the screen.

Sound is broadcast over one FM radio station. Car engines are expected to continue to be off during showtimes; tricks should only be turned come the accessory position.

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Guests are permitted to use lawn chairs, but they have to be consisted of to the former of her vehicle. No laying or sit on the roof of your vehicle is allowed.

The drive-in walk not permit outside food or beverages, despite they sell a wide variety of foods accessible from their concession stand. Purchasing snacks straight from them helps assistance the theatre and ensures its doors stay open.

Dogs space permitted, as long as they stay on a leash. They must be choose up after and also are not permitted inside the snack bar uneven they space a business animal.

Drive and Jive

In addition to films, the Holiday pair Drive-In uses a summer concert collection complete v music, food, and fun. Buy her tickets in advance, and show up to the drive-in because that a night the live music and entertainment. Park your car and also watch the performers as they brighten increase the summer nights.

Don’t worry about being able to see, the performers will certainly be projected top top the large screen, ensuring straightforward visibility. Guests are encouraged to arrive early and also plan ahead.

Admission and Hours

Holiday twin Drive-In, CO. Photo:

Movie ticket prices room a flat rate per person and include both features, nevertheless of even if it is or no both room seen. Discounted tickets are obtainable for kids 6-9, and seniors 65 and also older. Tickets may be purchased virtual or at the box office.

Ticket prices because that the Drive and Jive occasions are for 2 people, every car. Additional tickets might be purchased for an extra cost. Every tickets for Drive and also Jive have to be purchased digital in advance.

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Movies are presented on but on the weekend and details days transparent the week. Entrances open specifically at 6:00 pm. Begin times for shows may vary and also are usually dependent ~ above sundown. Check with the theatre prior to arriving.

Holiday twin Drive-In, CO. Photo:


Address: 2206 S Overland Trail, fort Collins, CO 80526

Phone: 970-221-1244

Season: Summer

Pets: Yes, on-leash

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