TV Antennas have been approximately for many years - and people have actually tried all sorts of unsightly things to "fix" them or make them work far better - anything from attaching a metal apparel hangar to aluminum foil! ns realized it doesn"t work and also I don"t desire to waste mine money on much more of this faulty antennas. Sometimes the best method to fix something is come Do the Yourself!!! I decided to eliminate cable television numerous months ago. My regional cable company convinced me to pay $10 a month because that local networks - it seemed alright. Antennas appeared to it is in a point of the past - didn"t also think around trying to usage one. So, a couple of months go by and also the lovely cable company raised my neighborhood channel price come $35 a month; ridiculous for a couple of channels. I removed it and also purchased an antenna. The very first one hardly obtained a channel - and it had horrible reception. Wasted money on a 2nd one - which I supplied for a while. But, if mine cat would certainly walk close to the window, the networks wouldn"t work. I"d need to move the thing constantly to try to obtain reception - even then it would go out plenty of times. I put aluminum foil almost everywhere it and also looked crazy and also horrendous - and that didn"t help. I really wanted to watch Masterchef! So, ns researched everywhere the web and also I discovered some info on exactly how to do a modern-looking HDTV antenna the end of cardboard and also aluminum foil. I stated it to my dad and he laugh at very first - however after he heard around how mine rotate out, he wants me to make him one! I check out a ton of comment from human being who had actually made this kind of antenna, and they to be raving about how it was far better than their high-end $70 one! So, I have to give big thanks and credit to the male who produced this design here - thank you so lot for sharing this through the world! you can also get the theme there as well. The instructions were great, but I to be not good with electronics and also the fact that i was able to execute this - way it is simple! i hope my overview here and also pictures will assist those that are prefer me, and also need things broken down even more. I tried come take many clear pictures.

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Before us start, I simply want come say the after plugging this in, without even placing it up high or in any specific direction or special ar - i got much more channels 보다 I"ve ever before received on the TV. I have more channels than what I had when ns paid the cable company for them! They are all crystal clear - i love it! Also, don"t forget come rescan for networks after hooking this up - that additionally increased the variety of channels i received.

4 or 6 foot coaxial cable (any dimension is good as lengthy as that reaches) - if friend don"t have one, here"s one on Amazon: Coaxial Cable (4 Feet)
*Optional: paint, mite or special document to decorate the front of it

Pattern: You can download the pattern because that the cardboard and aluminum silver paper pieces below - in ~ the designer"s site. Many thanks again to the designer for making that available! we really appreciate it! Keep analysis to monitor my own step-by-step procedure for making this! And, many thanks to every the commenters for your insight and extra ideas!

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First friend will require to cut out a piece of cardboard that is 13 x 14 inches. Over there is no pattern because that this one. After cut it out, then you"ll want to connect aluminum silver paper to the ago of it. I supplied my timber glue sparingly and also attached the foil and smoothed that out. Then, flipped it over and also painted it. If you want to decorate the front through markers or building and construction paper, feel free to carry out that. Ns then set it aside to let it dry. If girlfriend haven"t published out your pattern yet, please perform so.


First reduced out her pattern pieces. Climate take the pattern for the cardboard and lay it onto the cardboard. You might want to secure it down v a couple pieces of tape. Then, map the pattern and cut the out. I used my box cutters to cut it out. You need two cardboard pieces reduced out i m sorry contain the main much longer piece and also two wing that room attached. Girlfriend should likewise cut out 2 of the mounting bracket pieces. After cutting out the cardboard pieces, climate you"ll need to do the exact same with the foil. Usage a scissors, no box cutters because that this together they have tendency to cause ripping. Girlfriend don"t desire to tear the silver paper at all. At this allude you should have two key cardboard pieces through the wings on them, two foil pieces which look comparable to the cardboard ones and also two mounting brackets. Over there is also a pattern item for a stand if you want to usage it friend can.

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If you notification on the pattern pieces for the wings, you will check out that there room dashed currently which stand for score marks. Shot to fold the sample inward and also mark through a pencil onto her carboard wings where these present are. Then, carefully and slowly take your crate cutters and also cut right into the cardboard (but no all the way). Be careful! once you do all four score marks, then flip the cardboard over and you have the right to shape the wings properly. See image for details on how to do that. After ~ shaping the the means you desire it, then include a little glue come the score area to store it secure. The sides of each wing have to make an edge of around 90 levels to every other. They"re likely to spread out a tiny though - so come secure it at the correct angle, you have to use some glue and also hold it to dry. Hot glue would be great for this.


Now you"ll want to closely glue the main foil pieces with the wings on them, to the ago of the cardboard winged pieces. Please note that the foil will not cover all of the lengthy middle cardboard item - as it is smaller than the cardboard piece. It will be flush through the side the is closest to the wings. Try to do the foil lay flat and also smooth it out as lot as possible. It"s ideal to use a slim layer that glue. Set it aside come let the dry because that a tiny while.

At this point, i painted the mounting brackets. Then, I checked if the main piece which is 13 x 14 inches was dry. Once it was dry, i then collection it in front of me so that it to be 13 inches lengthy (from left come right) and also 14 inches tall. Ns then used the pattern to reduced out the areas where the brackets would certainly go. Ns traced this area and also then closely used package cutters to cut them out. Next, i painted the other two key pieces which had actually the wing on the sides. Ns let that sit because that a while to dry. Then, i took the mounting brackets and placed them in the slots. Please view images. I basically turned the mounting bracket party so I might get it right into the feet in the key piece, then straightened the out. Ns made certain to save it at the peak of the rectangle-shaped hole and it stuck out quite much in the former of the key piece. If the slits in the sides of the mounting brackets are too small and the to the right is too tight, feel totally free to reduced them a little larger so it fits nicely. You have the right to then include a few drops of glue to the political parties of it and also to the area where package is folded exterior holding that up. This simply makes it even more secure. Once whatever is solid and dry, you deserve to then attach the main pieces to the body.

First, affix the two key side pieces through the wing to the mounting base at the slots. If you need to make the slots bigger to make it to the right well, you can do that. It"s a an excellent idea to add a couple drops of adhesive to for sure it whereby the mounting parentheses meets the key pieces. Climate let the dry. Lastly, the wiring is actually really simple. You"ll view on the pattern item that there is a one on the sample to show the center of the lengthy cardboard item that goes follow me the middle of the antenna. The one is around 1/8 come 1/4 of an customs in indigenous the side. Use your sample to mark that point out on your two main winged pieces. Then, usage a drill to make 2 holes with those spots. Then the screws will must be put through those holes. Then, take the end your transformer which has actually the coax plug ~ above one side and twin command on the other. Take the pair lead wires - place washers ~ above the ago side of where the screws were put through the cardboard, then attach one that the wires indigenous the transformer and also tighten that on v a bolt. Execute the very same for the other side with the screw. You"ll now have the transformer hanging there - and also ready to be plugged in! take it end to her TV and also plug in your coaxial cable come the other end of the transformer. Take it the other end of the coax and also plug it into your TV antenna spot. That"s it!!! You are done!This antenna is impressive and totally surpassed every my high value store-bought ones! If friend have any type of questions, please feel free to ask! This job saved me a many money and also I no longer have to deal with the old antenna problems and also annoyances. I had a lot of worries with my antenna(s) and now I recognize I can make more of this (and this have the right to be modified) for my other TVs in the house. Permit me know just how yours revolve out too!