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For thirty years, the photos of each main character native The Simpsons has actually been melted into our cumulative consciousness. And also like any good animated personalities worth their salt, they deserve to be narrowed down to a couple of visual traits. It distills them down to your essence. However what if who tried to carry the most famed citizens of Springfield come life, through all your cartoon quirks intact, in a photo-realistic way?


Twentieth Century Fox

Via Laughing Squid, we have discovered the work of a game designer native Turkey by the name of Hossein Diba. He provided his skills in modeling, sculpting, and also texturing to render realistic recreations of many of the main characters from The Simpsons. Many of the primary characters got realistic upgrades, with the exception of Maggie. Although the is certainly one we are dying come see!

Homer Simpson look at the most like a real person being while tho retaining his signature look (and eating his signature donut). I mean, that still looks terrifying. Yet not as terrifying together this 3D published recreation that Homer! the one is the stuff of nightmares.

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Marge is working her standard blue beehive hairdo and her iconic string of pearls. Yet thanks to the mouth of hers, she looks favor an stunner looking extraterrestrial from a Treehouse of fear story!

And Bart could virtually be a yes, really weird looking human child, yet like his mom, that mouth provides him look favor a being from another world.

And Lisa watch as lot as one of those Troll dolls come to life together she go the Simpson’s brainy middle-child.

Meanwhile, if Mr. Burns looks acquainted to you in his photorealistic form, ns think i have figured out why. The looks similar to the evil Reverend Kane from Poltergeist II! i m really sorry in development for the nightmares this will certainly no doubt cause you.

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The Simpsons has no shortage of top characters, for this reason it’s feasible that Diba has actually really only started to scrape the surface for which persons we might end increase seeing down the line. For much more of Diba’s work, be certain to head on over to his Instagram account, or his YouTube channel.