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Hoobler was the rank of Corporal throughout the time after D-Day. He was awarded a copper Star because that his actions during the war. He was kind to everyone and liked to take it the job-related off the guys in his platoon. Throughout Christmas that 1944, Hoob argued that the policemans take patrol for the night. This was his way for the men to have actually a “Christmas present”. Hoobler to be forgiving and easy top top everyone. Webster hadruined his pistol trying to shoot a jackrabbit in Holland and also Hoobler forgave him. 

Hoobler, like most men, had actually an obsession with the German Luger. This was common amongst the men and also most the them dreamed of having one together a souvenir.

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Rader was not illustrated in band of brothers

The real Robert Rader


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Training under Sobel was tough. Sobel make a most boys in straightforward hate him. And although Robert did not choose Sobel, he respected simple for make them challenging enough to endure the war.

Guarnere gave him the nickname Rook. Although no one knows quite why that was offered that nickname since he didn’t play chess. His household thinks it might have to be a very loose Italian variation of his last name Rader. Yet they never evidenced this idea.

Robert, Howell, and Hoobler walk by a various nickname every together. Back this one was me given. They referred to as themselves the “three hillbillies”. Lock were country boys and also the rest of the company believed their “Appalachian” accent to be weird. The trio do a friend named William Dukeman, who was from Colorado.

While the physics training had actually been hard, Robert loved run School. He really likes the greater jumps, making more jumps 보다 he was compelled to gain his wings. Although his love the jumps go not always go in his favor. During one jump, one ammunition holder (a huge box made the end of a form of metal) came loosened (a typical thing during jumps however not typically a typical form of injury) and also hit that in the head. It led to a detached retina, which can result in vision problems. I do not understand if Robert himself had actually any.


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Bastogne to be cold. They had actually very tiny supplies and also ammo and also no winter weather gear. They were in the middle of a devastating winter and also were completely unprepared for fighting during it. The cold was so bad, Robert’s eyelids froze open. He soon lost the feeling in his legs and arms. He even got shoot in the hip at Bastogne and also didn’t notification until 1987, much more than 40 year later, throughout a CAT scan that had picked up his injury.

But the males did have some relief. Robert and also Hoobler, the two finest friends, take it Christmas eve night post, leave the remainder of the guys to relax. It was their version of a Christmas present to everyone, sparing lock the struggle.

Hoobler died shortly afterwards on January 3, 1945. Robert was deeply upset and affected by the death of Hoobler, his girlfriend from childhood. Favor Dukeman, who died in October, he later named his boy after Donald Hoobler. His son’s name was Donald Dukeman Rader, in respect of his nearby friends.


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Robert to be discharged November 1945. He had earned a violet Heart however turned the down, saying,“How could I obtain it as soon as do msnt others to be wounded therefore badly?” He was awarded the Broze Star for his service.

He arrived ago home at night. The went inside and went to sleep without waking anyone. His mother had been boarding soldiers, always coming and going, and also when she saw her son, she didn’t acknowledge him. The battle had adjusted him therefore much.

Throughout the war, he had actually saved all his money and also sent it house to his mother. While he had wanted her to spend it, she had actually not and instead had actually saved it because that his return.

He went back to school and attended Morehead State university on his GI Bill and also sports scholarship. His legs had actually suffered significantly in Bastogne and also his sports career never gained far and he shed his scholarship.

Robert moved over come Cedarville College, a Baptist school. He to be not spiritual but his friends attended therefore he went. The school was a dried school, an interpretation he couldn’t drink, yet he found a means to sneak alcohol in. That would use a pulley system to acquire it approximately him and also would frozen it outside throughout the winter months. The still played baseball and basketball, yet not top top a scholarship. Somehow, also though he to be a wild child, he obtained his bachelors level in education.

He used his level to come to be a teacher and in the 1950s he moved from Ohio to California, following the move of number of of his friends. In California , that met Lucille, a nurse. They had been collection up on a blind date and also began dating. They were married top top February 14, 1953, Valentine’s Day.

Robert obtained a project at the California college for Boys. After ~ that task he got an additional teaching task in the Paso Robles institution district. He functioned at this school until his retirement, 25 years later. During his first few years to teach at this school, he operated 2 jobs. He was a teacher and also an assistant manager in ~ the Paso Robles airport, wherein he fueled airplanes. His reasoning behind these two tasks was the the airport project earned him social security, the teaching did not.

Lucille stayed a nurse, acquisition a short time to it is in a stay at house mom as soon as two children were born. He didn’t get much time turn off for hobbies, due to the fact that he was working so much. However he did play softball and go fishing. He ongoing to love sporting activities till his last day, also buying two TVs to put in one room so that he could watch two occasions at the same time.

His children, Donald and Robin. Robin was born in October 1953. Donald was born in may of 1958. Together a family, they traveled to national Parks together and went come Easy firm Reunions. In ~ one Easy firm Reunion, Donald Dukeman was allowed to shoot a gun in ~ the age 7, and also Robin, even though she was older, was no allowed. No matter how much she begged.

Robert likewise volunteered through the local fire department because that 10 years. As he volunteered, he when experiences a huge fire that burned all night. Once he came home, he acquired ready and just walk to school to teach.

He to be a strict teacher, there was no nonsense in his contact room. All the wild kids were sent out to him so that could deal with them. The would get his students fist by cram an eraser in ~ his chalkboard and also one time even picked up and threw a rowdy child out the door that his room.

But he began teaching handicapped kids and his eraser and also kid cram days to be over. He came to be a bit softer.

He additionally coached basketball and cross nation for his school. In his 10 year coaching overcome country, 7 that his teams went to the finals. He had actually two All-American runners as well. The was very proud that his team.

He did keep in touch with males from simple Company. He created letters and also had Bull Randlemen and Mike Ranney visit a few times. That was incredibly close through Bull. He also was visited by Leo Matz, a squad member that his. He signed his letter to simple Company: “Robert J. Rader, here. Be good. Be carful. Sleep Warm.”

He adjusted relatively easy to regular life, but like every Easy agency man, appeared to struggle with the winter months. Bastogne and Hoobler’s death hit the hard. Anytime the holidays came around, he acquired quiet for days at a time. When his daughter asked, he defined Christmas reminded that of Hoobler.

Robert struggled with wellness problems every one of his life. He retirement in 1981 because of health problems. In total, he has 2 heart surgeries with 9 bypasses, lost a kidney, had actually an aortic aneurisms, and stomach ulcers and also an bladder problem. Doctors finished having come cut fifty percent of his stomach away. He lugged on, even going golfing one time immediately after a surgery.

After his retirement, he and also Lucille continued to travel to Paris and Holland. Castle took lengthy walks and also went golfing together. They ongoing to travel as his health failed, although they had to clock his diet.

His wellness did not last long though, his always energetic lifestyle changed toward the finish of his life. He had actually to lay down a lot and couldn’t sit up much. He shed weight and his heart to be failing. His last few months were invest writing letters and also watching sports. He ultimately lost his appetite and also his various other kidney failed.

Within the critical week the his life, that didn’t want to get out that his pajamas, which to be the genuine sign something was wrong. He had constantly gotten dressed and also ready come go. Within a few days ~ this, his blood pressure dropped and his family took him to the hospital.

On his final day in the world, Lucille went house early. She was really tired and also needed to rest. ~ she left, Robert inquiry his kids: “Is she okay?” Concerned about his wife also when he was in the hospital.

Later the day, he checked out sleep and also passed away. He died April 7, 1997. He was buried under tree in a cemetery.

A bridge was committed in his memory, a authorize of every the stays he had actually touched. The job was led by citizens of Paso Robles, began by a former student that his. The is called the Robert J. Rader Memorial Bridge.

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At the dedication of his bridge, number of Easy agency men attended including Buck Compton, invoice Manyard, rod Bain, Ed Joint, bill Wagner, Don Malarkey, Jack McGrath, Earl McLung, and also Shifty Powers.