What’s happening with our well-known boys? Marco Gumabao continues to be busy at job-related – movies and all the endorsements he can get. Our boy is bangin’ the underwear department end at Penshoppe also. For this reason we deserve to be assured that a consistent stream of image of Marco in undies in the future.

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Mmmeanwhile, Markki Stroem continues to press the envelope through his racy, risqué projects and also photos (example above). He’s getting noticed with his messages around hope and equality, through the objective of shaping public perception and reinforcing social changes. However that’s another story. In the meantime right here is Markki in revealing, uh, swimwear(?).

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On-Demand Sex Kit


Kit Thompson has a new movie called Ang Sarap Mong Patayin and also he’s daring and baring in the trailer. Of course, he it s okay to present all the body parts we love – pits, pubes and also that gorgeous torso. The movie looks favor a dark comedy, however count me in – I’m watching that for all the Kit teasing.

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All be In Awe



Our favourite sex price is back with brand-new images, and we substantially appreciate these gratuitous image that display flesh, and more flesh. Albie Casino is fit and also he’s proud to flaunt it. Now we acquire to be voyeurs together we stare at Albie‘s exorbitant physical functions in a lecherous manner. We miss those Bench Body photos though.

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Booty Bounty


It’s all peachy top top the movie front lately. In this case, Marco Gallo’s backside makes a marvellous illustration via the upcoming flick Ang Manananggal Na Nahahati Ang Puso. i am watching this movie if only for this gorgeous being. And also maybe the storyline to add the fact that we need to support the regional showbiz industry throughout these times. Yet mainly for Marco and his buttocks. Yeah.

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We’ll take what us can and this time, it’s Jak Roberto in undies! He’s reflecting off and it’s a great thing. The pandemic really is forcing dem conservative boys to melted some clothes. Because that sponsors, endorsements and partnerships. Carry out you like what friend see?

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Marked Role

Actor-singer-host Markki Stroem proceeds to press the envelope throughout the rainbow-painted table this days. He’s law queer flicks while hosting and performing ~ above the side. Now that is something, considering the dire instance in this times. That course, the continuous teasing in budgy smugglers and tighty whities is cherry on top.

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This might be Nico Fowler’s dick showing up in the the indie movie Sabado. The looks clean and promising and also I would choose to imagine it is the real deal. Nico, who’s a Canadian model in our midst, is do the change to acting. He’s slated to appear in a brand-new BL movie referred to as Love in ~ the end of the World where he’s supposed to display more.

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Icy Hot

Social media is abuzz with all type of guys trying to get as countless engagements together possible. Matteo Guidicelli is doing it the nice method (for us!), through his ice cream baths. That course, a bathtub is not complete without the obligatory underwear shots. This time he’s through friend Nico Bolzico for some wonderful treat, treats.

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We have largely ignored that in the past, probably because we think he’s quiet a boy. These days, Darren Espanto has actually been a revelation with his shirtless thirsty photos on social media. The is a guy now, and we’re glad he’s shedding the infant fat (and shirts!). We are waiting for him to drop trou next!

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Like wine (Vin)

The rogue collection of boys-in-undies in this site would normally be Marco Gumabao, mark McMahon, Daniel Matsunaga and this man with the insane abs: Vin Abrenica. It has been slim pickings the late, and also let’s feature Vin Abrenica again. He has actually his charms, the body’s insane and also this time, he’s mirroring some tough evidence. Time to evaluate him more.

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