These candy Crush Level 130 cheat will assist you beat level 130 on candy Crush Saga easily. Candy Crush level 130 is the 5th level in Wafer Wharf and also the 5th candy bespeak level. Come beat this level, you should collect 5 striped candy + striped liquid combinations in 40 move or fewer. You have 5 liquid colors and also 65 easily accessible spaces. Girlfriend can acquire a preferably of 85,000 points.

Strategy: To finish this level, simply switch a striped liquid with another striped candy. This needs to be excellent 5 time in total. Remember that you have actually 40 moves, for this reason you need to obtain one every eight moves because that the average. Never ever make sheathe candies together they do nothing in this level and may even spoil your plan, together they might be detonated by cascades and activate surrounding striped candies, not to mention that lock explode twice, making the opportunity to detonate striped liquid greater. Take your time on this level and create as countless striped candies as possible. More of her striped candy will end up towards the bottom to be matched up. If you make a shade bomb, shot to usage it to take it out all of one shade to aid facilitate matching.

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This is the very first level which requires combinations. As result of this, numerous players might be perplexed with the requirement, or simply do not understand what to do. Top top the internet version, just hover over the order icon to see information. Civilization will additionally assume they deserve to only develop the combine using just blue or purple horizontal striped candies as soon as in yes, really fact, any kind of color or direction of striped candy deserve to be supplied to develop the combination. You require to produce one combination every eight moves. There room 76 possible places to make a striped candy. 5 colors lull the creation of special candies, which means that strip candies will be easier to create and activate. The stimulate is precious 25,000 points, i beg your pardon is an ext than the one star target score.

Crush Level Saga Level 130 Details

Level Type: candy Order (See every Level Types)Episode: liquid TownGoal: collect 5 striped liquid + striped candy combinations in 40 move or fewer.Candy Colors: 5Max Score: 85,000 / 3 Stars

Here space the cheats and also tips on exactly how to beat liquid Crush level 130:

Candy to like Level 130 Cheats

Make strip candies.Match striped liquid vertically.

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Save her striped candies.

Level 130 advice & Help