In 2016, Reddit included a rudimentary block duty to its communication after feedback highlighted worries with harassment, specifically via personal messaging. Unfortunately, this block role remains limited. Return users deserve to stop see the content produced by various other people, they can not hide their own content from details users.

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On Reddit, blocking automatically hides all attempts at contact made by an unwanted user. Messages, comments, replies and also mentions may all tho occur, yet you have to no longer see lock or even know they room happening. The exemption is because that mods and also admin that will watch content native blocked individuals in any type of subreddits castle manage.

So, it’s certainly not a perfect block tool. Long time Redditors space calling for a much smarter device that actively prevents blocked customers from communicating with the blocker’s content rather than simply concealing any kind of activities. Regardless, you have to use the tool if you are receiving unwanted call from one more Reddit user.

This write-up explains exactly how to block and/or unblock one more user ~ above Reddit.

How come Block and Unblock via the desktop Browser

First, make sure you’re logged into your Reddit account.

Click the small envelope symbol in the height right edge of the display (next to the green alien icon).

Select any example of one interaction between yourself and the user. You can only block individuals who have currently contacted you in part manner (messages, comments, mentions, etc).

Click the indigenous ‘block user’ directly underneath this communication. When prompted, click the ‘yes’ option.


If the human being you want to block is on her chat list, open up your chat home window and push on the setups wheel beside their name. A new window will certainly popup through an option to block that user.

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Note: uneven you’re a mod/admin because that a subreddit the blocked user likewise frequents, friend shouldn’t watch any an ext of their content. You re welcome note, this doesn’t median they cannot blog post or communicate with you. That just means you won’t recognize it’s happening. The blocked user will certainly not be informed and also will not know around the block.

To unblock someone on Reddit, open the User settings menu and also select safety & Privacy Window. Under safety and security option, friend will be able to see the perform of people you have blocked.


How to Block and Unblock via the mobile App

Reddit doesn’t permit to block someone from the messaging window. Yet you have the right to block world from the chat list. To execute that, open up the chat log and click the wheel button from the peak right screen. A list of people affiliated in the chat will appear, click on the human you desire to block. A new window will pop up, click on Block and also confirm.


Another method to block top top the mobile application would be by straight accessing your profile. To carry out that, walk to the Reddit file of the person, select the 3 dots icon from the optimal right screen. Pick Block user and confirm once prompted.



Hopefully, Reddit is functioning on enhancements to that is block duty so that users deserve to feel comfortable and also secure while browsing the site. There are concerns that concealing (and no preventing) undesirable interactions can lead to cases in which inappropriate and also potentially damaging behaviors occur there is no the knowledge of the human being being targeted.

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On the various other hand, most redditors choose the currently block function to not having any kind the block device at all. It’s worth considering if girlfriend are handling persistent unwanted messages from an additional user. If your attempts at contact are in any method disturbing or make you feel concerned for your safety, execute not hesitate to report the human being for violating behaviour.