Episode – select Your Story was released in 2014 by bag Gems.

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With a massive 35,000 story to choose from, players space unlikely to acquire bored of play Episode.

Some stories space preloaded, some are themed favor Demi Lovato: route to Fame, Pretty tiny Liars, Clueless and Mean Girls and some room made by various other players.

Once you’ve favored your story and created your perfect avatar, the time to gain playing!

But anyone who’s played the video game will understand the disappointed of wanting to make a an option but not having enough gems.

Here are 5 easy advice to acquire passes and also gems on Episode!

Tip – have patience

The an essential to levelling up in episode is to wait the out.

If you don’t desire to splurge top top gems and also passes, the is.

You need to wait 4 hours because that the game to recharge and you’ll get three complimentary passes.


Episode game cheats 2018 screen Shot: Episode video game -Pocket Gems

Tip – move on

Move on come move up!

Episode – choose Your Story has so numerous different stories on offer.

If girlfriend play a brand-new story (or a story with new chapters) you’ll acquire one complimentary pass for acquiring started.



Episode game cheats 2018 display Shot: Episode game – pocket Gems

Tip – provide feedback

According come episodetricks.org, girlfriend can acquire three free passes just by rating and leaving a evaluation of Episode when prompted ~ above the Google play or Apple’s application Store.

Now it could take friend a few minutes however it can’t do any type of harm!


Screen Shot: Episode game – pocket Gems

Tip – get smart

To move onwards and upwards in episode you need to take benefit of the everyday challenges!

Episode has acquired a rating 4.6/5 top top iTunes for a reason and that’s why you just can’t protect against playing.

Remember: challenges = complimentary passes.


Screen Shot: Episode video game – pocket Gems

Tip – be strategic

The final tip is to pick stories i beg your pardon offer an ext rewards.

Certain illustration instantly boost your lot of gems and passes.

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You must play the persons which represent this an initial rather than ones the don’t!


Screen Shot: Episode game – bag Gems Episode game cheats 2018




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