It’s common to match with someone on Tinder, and also alongside their name will be a blue star. What does this blue star intend, and also why perform only some profiles have it?

The blue star on Tinder suggests the user super-preferred your profile. This implies they chose to prioritize your profile over others by swiping in an upward direction. The blue star means the person really wants to acquire your attention.

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In this post, we’re going to show you what super favor indicates and also why it’s vital to your Tinder suffer.

Blue Star On Tinder

The blue star suggests your profile has actually been “super liked” (swiped up) by the perboy you simply matched with. When you have a blue star beside your name, they’ve watched enough of your profile that they’ve made a decision to have actually a little even more fun with it prior to moving on. They want to learn more around you and want to make sure their profile stands out over others.


Tinder has actually developed the “super like” to aid propapers stand also out vs. various other profiles. Tinder deserve to be a crowded setting, particularly in famous cities prefer New York or Philadelphia.

Tinder will provide you one super favor a week to stand out from individuals you’re attracted to. This suggests that you’re just able to swipe up as soon as before you have to wait to recoup your super favor.

The only way to get multiple super likes is to purchase them from the Tinder store or purchase Tinder Gold, instantly offering you 5 super likes a week.

How Do I Get Super Likes?

Super likes are component of Tinder’s premium package. Super likes should be purchased individually, or they come standard via Tinder Gold & Tinder Platinum.


Purchasing super likes deserve to be done by tapping the profile icon in the bottom right corner. These are the super choose prices:

PriceSuper Likes

A dialogue box will certainly appear, enabling you to charge super likes to the card you have attached to your Apple or Google profile.


How Do I Super Like Other Profiles

To super prefer various other prorecords, you must swipe up on the person’s profile that you’re viewing. Normally, you would certainly swipe best and left on the various other person’s profile to prefer or dischoose their profile. Users deserve to swipe up with the super prefer to send the blue star to the profile they favored.


This blue star will show up as a faded gradient on your profile once the various other user comes across it. Tinder offers this subtle hint to users, letting them recognize that they’ve been super favored by you.

If the other user swipes appropriate on your profile, your profile will certainly have actually the blue star alongside your name and their name. This is just a reminder to you (and them) that you super chosen their profile.

How Do I Kcurrently If Someone Super Liked Me?

If someone super liked your profile, the bottom half of their profile will be light blue when their profile appears in your card stack. This implies the various other user has actually swiped up on your profile, indicating they really desire to meet you.

If you’ve been super favored by another user, we recommfinish swiping right on the profile and also gaining to understand them. They assumed you were distinct sufficient to use one of the few super likes obtainable to them.

Swiping up on someone to super prefer their profile is an open interaction technique to let that perboy recognize you’re interested in meeting them. However, there’s no guarantee that anything will certainly come from the interaction. It simply rises your opportunities of gaining swiped on by one more user.

Tright here is no means currently to tell if someone super favored you after you super liked them. Regardless of who super chosen that, there will certainly constantly be a blue star alongside your name and also the other person’s name.

If you check out the blue star on your profile, you know that someone has actually super favored you. ​

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How Do I Sheight People From Super Liking Me?

Tinder presently has actually no means of turning off super likes. Even if you purchase Tinder Gold, you’re able to customize your swiping suffer, but the super likes you get deserve to not be transformed.

If you receive too many kind of super likes and also feel uncomfortable, we recommend turning off your “show me on Tinder” alternative, which will certainly rerelocate your profile from the card stack.

This permits you to continue to be surprise from other customers, and also you won’t have to address any kind of more super likes on Tinder.

How Can I See The Super Likes I’ve Received on Tinder?

Users who super prefer your profile will certainly be shown in the enhance queue through all other customers. There’s nothing different in between civilization that prefer your profile and world that super favor your profile.

The just distinction is that the super liked your profile through a blue star beside their name. This is to assist you prioritize that is really right into you and also that casually likes your profile.


The blue star on Tinder suggests someone super liked your profile. Users will super like your profile to stand out and display that they have actually even more than just casual interest in your profile.

If you’ve got a super prefer, be certain to show that perboy extra attention because they want you more than other users on the app.

This attribute allows customers to stand also out against various other prorecords. Tinder being the many popular dating application worldwide, it deserve to be tough to stand out at times.

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Super likes help propapers jump out and also rise your opportunities of being preferred by the various other profile.