Incorrect spelling, explanation: suffix -able is normally used with words that, without a suffix, space in your full kind (just choose understandable there is no the suffix is understand – we don’t readjust anything). Convert is such word, yet it is one exception. Since its Latin-origin word we usage suffix -ible v it, so convertible is the exactly form.

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Correct spelling, explanation: usually with Latin-origin native we use suffix -ible when creating an adjective. Convert is one of such words, for this reason convertible is the exactly spelling. It is periodically said that suffix -able is included to words that are left full without the suffix (such together dependdependable), and also this is normally true, for this reason that may be why the confusion v convertable exists, yet this rule has exceptions, and convertible is just one of them.

Definition the convertible:adjective, other adaptable, maybe to be changedLook just how convenient this convertible bag is – it can be a handbag or a backpack!noun, a form of auto with roof the foldsJoe was planning come buy a coupé, but finally he has bought a convertible.

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