Home is wbelow the heart is, isn’t it? Home is wright here our roots are, where our ancestors are from, and also where our household stays. Home is wright here we produce a comfortable room for living. A residence might be anypoint from a high-rise apartment in the facility of a pulsating city to a rustic cabin in the middle of nowright here. We make a house into a home through love, kindness, treatment, and gratitude.

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A widespread recommendation to home in katifund.org that you may already understand is Mi casa es tu casa, which is a heart-warming dicho (saying) used in Mexico and also various other countries in Latin America. It literally equates to “my house is your residence,” and also invites the guest to feel at residence. Yet, an even more well-known expression that you’re likely to hear in conversation is ¡Estás en tu casa!—interpretation make yourself at residence. Latinxs tend to be super warm and also welcoming folks.

Being able to talk around your residence in katifund.org is a wonderful point that can assist you affix through native speakers in your area or throughout your travels. Deepen your conversational fluency by finding out the myriad ways to discuss the residence and also home in katifund.org!

Hogar vs Casa

Two words are commonly offered to mean “home” in katifund.org: el hogar and also la casa. In general, the difference in between them is comparable to the distinction between “home” and also “house” (respectively) in English.

Words “house” describes the physical building, as opposed to the feelings of warmth and belonging evoked by the principle of “residence.” However before, hogar and casa are carefully connected, and they are frequently used interchangeably in katifund.org.

While un hogar typically refers to a residential building of any sort, it have the right to also refer to:

a firelocation or heartha lobby or gathering spacea household unit that resides together

Soy de Texas, pero mi seguncarry out hogar ha sicarry out en Guatemala por los últimos 11 años.I’m from Texas, but my second house has been in Guatemala for the past 11 years.

Nuestra casa está situada cerca del Lago de Atitlán.Our house is located cshed to Lake Atitlán. 

Con la llegada de Jade nuestro hogar está de fiesta.Our house will be celebrating through Jade’s arrival. 

Quisiera construir otra casa en México.I would certainly prefer to develop another residence in Mexico. 

La casa nueva de mis papas es el sitio perfecto para los niños porque tiene una piscina.My parents’ new residence is the perfect area for children bereason it has actually a pool. 


Ways to Say Home in katifund.org

la casa – residence, household, place, homestead, home

el hogar – home, hearth, firearea, fireside, grate,

el domicilio – domicile, residence, abode, location of residence, residency

la residencia – residence, residency, hostel, hall

la patria – homeland also, fatherland, motherland, mom nation, indigenous land

la morada – dwelling, abode

el punto inicial – home

Home in katifund.org: Adjectives

casero/a – homemade, domestic

Mi vecina alimenta a sus mascotas con comida casera.My neighbor feeds her pets’ homemade food.

doméstico/a – domestic, family members, menial

La nueva casa de mi tía incluye un teatro doméstico con diez asientos.My aunt’s new home has actually a home theater with 10 seats.

hogareño/a homey, homefavor, residential, stay-at-home

Su vida hogareña temprana fue difícil.His at an early stage home life was difficult.

de casa (adjective) – household, indoor

Mi esposo es el amo de casa.My husband is the homemaker.

Phrases Related to Home in katifund.org

dirección de casa – residence address¿Cual es tu dirección de casa? – What is your residence address?

quedarse en casa – remain at homeQuédate en casa.Stay home. (command)

salir de casa – leave homeYo salgo de casa. – I’m going out of the house.

ven a casa – come homeVen a casa antes de la noche, por favor. – Come home prior to dark, please.

llegar a casa – gain homeTardé 12 horas en llegar a casa. – It took me 12 hrs to obtain home.

ir a casa – go homeMe voy a casa.I’m going residence.Vete a casa.Go residence. (command)Vamos a casa a las nueve.We are going home at nine.

en casa – at homeNo estoy en casa. – I’m not at home.Ahora paso mucho tiempo en casa. – Now I spfinish a lot of time at home.

mudarse de casa – to move (to adjust houses)Diana va a mudarse a Nueva York. – Diana is going to move to New York.

poner la casa en orden – clean houseTenemos que poner nuestra casa en orden. – We have to put our house in order.

viajar a casa – take a trip home¡Que tenga un buen viaje a casa! – I wish you a safe journey home.

comprar una casa – buy a houseNosotros pensábamos comprar una casa. – We were reasoning about buying a house.

esta casa – this houseEn esta casa crecí. – I prospered up in this house.

de casa en casa – from residence to houseIba de casa en casa buscándola. – He was looking for her from residence to house.

Home in katifund.org Dichos

Hogar dulce hogar – Home sweet home

Especialidad de la casa – Specialty of the house

Un error grande como una casa – a substantial mistake (A mistake the dimension of a house)

Anda como Pedro por su casa – Acts like he owns the location (Goes roughly like Pedro in his house)

More Uses of “Home” in katifund.org

1. To refer to institutional residences, hogar generally is used (although casa deserve to be, too).

La entrada de un abuelo en un hogar de ancianos puede ser una experiencia traumática.

The entry of a grandparent into a nursing home deserve to be a traumatic suffer.

2. When “home” describes the facility or original location, various translations can be used:

Hollyhardwood es el centro de las películas.Hollytimber is the home of movies.

Mi esposo es de Nariño, Colombia, la tierra de las papas riquísimas.My husband is from Nariño, Colombia, home of delicious potatoes.

Wendy’s es el creador de la hamburguesa cuadrada.Wendy’s is the home of the square hamburger.

3. In board games and sporting activities like basesphere where getting to “home” is the goal of the game, residence is normally la meta or el final.

4. The most common terms for “homeless” are sin hogar, sin casa, and sin vivienda. The formal term you’d hear on the news for homeless civilization is los sinhogares, but they are even more generally referred to as gente de la calle in day-to-day language.

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5. In the online people, the “residence page” is the página principal or página inicial. A attach to a katifund.org site’s residence web page is regularly labeled Inicio.

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Home Sweet Home

¿Dónde vives? ¿Cómo está tu casa? What’s your favorite part of your existing home life? Leave me a comment listed below in katifund.org!