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It’s usual knowledge for most succulent lovers that succulents and cacti are qualified of going long periods the time without water. Castle can thrive in environments where most plants i will not ~ survive. So, how long have the right to they go without water?

Well, that counts on a couple of different factors, however first, it’s necessary to understand just how succulents are qualified of surviving such long periods of drought in the very first place.


One of the biggest risks you confront with overwatering your succulents is root rot. Though source rot deserve to have a range of details causes, it’s most often caused through overwatering. Merely put, her succulent’s root will begin to decay if castle aren’t allowed to dry out between watering.

Unfortunately, source rot is no curable, so unless you catch it in its early stages, her plant likely will no survive. However, it’s complicated to detect root rot beforehand as the initial symptom are only seen in the roots listed below the floor surface. As symptoms begin to show up on the plant’s stem and leaves, the rot becomes much more life-threatening for her plant.

Remember, succulents are supplied to living in dried desert locations, therefore the swampy setting of an overwatered pot is walking to reason problems. Succulent roots likewise need oxygen, so also if the roots don’t start to rot, they’re no going to be able to breathe.

Though source rot often tends to it is in sneaky, her succulent will absolutely let you know if you’re providing it too much water. Most often, the lower leaves will start to yellow and will ultimately fall off. The leaves might take ~ above a mushy emotion if overwatering is continued.

In most cases, it’s far better to err on the side of dryness than danger overwatering your succulent. If you aren’t fully sure whether her plant is all set for much more water, it’s ideal to wait a pair days before watering.

A couple of days won’t affect your plant’s health, because succulents are qualified of surviving for much longer without water, yet it may assist prevent the damages done by overwatering.

Ideal problems for Succulents

While succulents are capable of withstanding long periods that drought, they will certainly look and grow finest if you carry out them with whatever they need. This has giving castle the right soil and also sunlight, as well as water in ~ the appropriate intervals for each species.


Planting her favorite succulents in the exactly soil will not only administer them through the oxygen your roots need to thrive, however it will certainly also assist you offer them the ideal amount of water once they need it.

Well-draining soil formulated for use through cacti and also succulents will have larger corpuscle than many potting soils. Castle may incorporate gravel, sand, perlite, or also bark. This will enable for better drainage and also less water retention. It will also assist to prevent soil compaction, i beg your pardon means far better airflow about your succulents’ roots.


Most succulents choose bright light, however it’s necessary to place your succulents in locations that will certainly suit each species best. Part succulents, such together cacti, will grow in complete sun no matter the season. Because that others, this may an outcome in sunburn.

You’ll should watch her plants closely to make certain they’re getting enough light, but not so lot that they acquire burned. The course, you can always supplement with a prosper light if girlfriend feel your plants no getting sufficient light from your apartment or office window.

Remember, together you change your succulent’s light levels, you additionally need to store an eye on floor moisture come make sure you’re no watering your plants too much or also little.


As we’ve claimed before, appropriate watering approaches are one of the most important facets of succulent care. When you’ve emerged a thorough knowledge of just how succulents absorb and store water, you will do it have an ext success through your environment-friendly thumb.

If girlfriend need more information ~ above the factors that influence how frequently you must water your succulents, check out our overview to watering succulents and also cacti here.

Know your Succulents

Whether you a brand-new succulent gardener or an proficient cactus caretaker, you should be sure that you study each and also every plant you bring home come make sure you’re offering it v its appropriate care.

The much more you know about your succulents and cacti, the much better you’ll have the ability to take care of them. This has knowing exactly how much light and water castle prefer and also if they have actually any particular needs in regards to soil or nutrients.

Additionally, you’ll require to understand when the particular species experiences dormancy, if at all, so that you don’t finish up giving it much more water 보다 necessary.

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The research you perform on each of your new plants will aid you treatment for castle correctly and will result in bigger, better, more beautiful succulents and cacti.