According to the Federal Highmethod Administration (FHA), roughly one out of eincredibly four of the 600,000 bridges in the United States demands to be rehabilitated, repaired or totally reinserted. The level of typical bridge construction it will take to remedy this might result in a large rise in traffic delays, economic expenses, construction-connected accidents and also utility outeras throughout the country. Accelerated bridge building and construction, or ABC, might be the solution.

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Let’s take a closer look at the drawbacks of traditional bridge construction:

Traffic issues: Imagine the influence on web traffic if a quarter of all the bridges in America were repaired or reinserted over the following several years. It can affect:

Employee productivity, if world can’t gain to job-related on time.Health dilemmas, if it’s difficult for ambulances and rescue squads to navigate the fastest paths to hospitals or emergency care facilities.Emergency situations, if police can’t get to the scene of a crime quickly or a fire truck can’t make it to a fire.

Economic impact: The FHA reports that the straight and also indirect costs of traffic detours resulting from the building of a bridge can actually exceed the cost of building the bridge itself. When website traffic lanes are closed in big city centers or on highways via hefty traffic volume, it deserve to have a far-reaching financial impact on the commercial and also commercial businesses in the bordering area.

Accidents and injuries: Construction and traffic-associated injuries are all also constant events on bridge building sites. Each year, roughly 2,000 fatal crashes take place in work-related zones. Forty-four percent of injuries to bridge building and construction workers involve a vehicle traveling with a job-related zone, and two-thirds of these injuries are fatal.

Utility outages: With thousands and also thousands of miles of cables, pipes and also other utility-related facilities crossing bridges, extended durations of bridge building and construction deserve to affect the dependable delivery of electrical energy, cable, Net, water and also various other instrumental energy services. Workers have the right to unpurposely damages energy pipes or cables or be forced to turn off utilities if an accident occurs on a building and construction site.

The Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) Solution


For the last 2 decades, the bridge building market has actually been trying out a solution that helps prevent or minimize the negative aftermath associated with building bridges. That solution is well-known as Accelerated Bridge Construction, or ABC. With the state of the nation’s bridge framework coming to be a critical concern, this technique might, and should, be offered on even more bridge construction projects.

ABC is a method of building bridges that uses brand-new creates of planning, procurement, architecture, products, energy installation and building and construction techniques that are safer and also even more cost-efficient. ABC substantially lowers the amount of time it takes to develop brand-new bridges and also replace or rehabilitate existing ones.

This approach is transforming how state departments of transportation across America construct, replace and also repair bridges. According to the FHA, states deserve to now replace bridges in as little as 48 to 72 hrs and also reduce the merged time it takes to setup and also construct a bridge by years.

Watch a bridge being built using ABC: This remarkable time lapse video shows the building and construction of the Keg Creek bridge in Iowa making use of ABC methods. It took much less than 2 weeks. The bridge was nominated for an America’s Transportation Award.

The sped up timing of ABC projects cuts dvery own on the website traffic delays and also road closures that considerably affect the high quality of life in bridge building and construction zones. It reduces the regional economic affect also and lowers the likelihood of construction-connected injuries and fatalities. Quicker construction times diminish the possibility that neighborhood utility solutions might be interrupted.

In enhancement, bridges constructed or repaired making use of accelerated bridge construction mostly have a lot lower task costs. And according to the FHA, the innovative ABC planning and building and construction approaches, deindicators and also products develop safer, more long lasting bridges with longer company lives than traditionally created ones.

Case Study

The situation:

On average, 166,000 vehicles travel over the bridge eextremely day.A big hospital and also two schools are surrounding to it.The existing bridge essential to be reput via a longer and wider one, and also the existing outdated cloverleaf interreadjust had actually to be modified right into a tight diamond one.The job used prefabricated bridge components to rate up the building timeline.

The results:

On-website installation of each fifty percent of the new bridge took just a few nights over a two-week duration.The whole job was completed in 14 months, including a three-month winter shutdvery own. It would have actually taken three to 4 years utilizing standard methods.Throughout the task, six lanes of website traffic remained open during rush hour, with restricted lane closures in the time of off-optimal hrs.The bridge need to last 75-100 years bereason of the high quality of its prefabricated components.

Three Fundapsychological ABC Techniques

Three ABC-related technologies in particular are making a huge impact on boosting how bridges are built:

Prefabricated Bridge Elements and also Equipment (PBES)Slide-In Bridge Construction

Did you know? According to the FHA, post-building and construction surveys of inhabitants and also businesses situated close to ABC bridge construction jobs suggest high levels of customer satisfaction.


# 1 -Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil-Incorporated Bridge System (GRS-IBS)

This construction strategy combines very closely spaced geoartificial reinforcement and granular soils right into a new compowebsite material. It’s used to develop abutments and also method embankments. This strategy renders it much less likely that they will clear up and also develop a bump at the end of the bridge. Using GRS-IBS, it’s much easier to develop and keep bridges. Depending on the project, this building approach is 25 to 60 percent even more cost-efficient than standard building and construction approaches.

#2 – Prefabricated Bridge Elements and Systems (PBES)

PBES are structural components of a bridge that are constructed off-website or nearby to the construction website. By structure these components ahead of time, it deserve to significantly minimize on-website bridge building and construction time compared to standard building methods. Utility service providers and also engineers can setup ahead and also have actually piping, cables, fasteners and other components ready in breakthrough and install them easily and also efficiently on-site. Prefabricated bridge facets developed in managed manufacturing facility environments are generally higher top quality than those built exposed to weather on-website.

#3 -Slide-In Bridge Construction (SIBC)

Slide-In Bridge Construction frequently uses prefabricated bridge facets and also units. They’re offered to construct a brand-new bridge on temporary supports next to an existing bridge that’s being reinserted. Once construction of the new bridge is complete, the road is closed and the old bridge is demoliburned or slid out of the method. Then the brand-new bridge is moved right into area, tied in to the philosophies, and also paved within 48 to 72 hrs. One of the last steps in the building procedure is to tie together the energy components developed right into the brand-new bridge through the existing regional utility infrastructure. This deserve to be the fastest and many cost-effective way to rearea an existing bridge.

When coupled through appropriate quality assurance, safety, task administration and also construction engineering practices, the adhering to table lists the benefits of each ABC technology:





SaferMore building and construction deserve to be done away from web traffic. When interruptions can’t be avoided, the shorter construction time provides it simpler to execute work at non-optimal driving times, such as nights or weekends.
Lower costThe efficiencies associated with building bridges using ABC mitigate construction-connected prices as a whole.
Reduces transport delaysReduced construction time cuts down on the size of road closures.
Shor10s on-website building timeTemperatures, humidity, rain, and also wind can delay conventional on-website construction. Developing more elements off-website deserve to minimize the affect of harsh weather.
Reduces ecological impactOff-website manufacturing and also shortened construction times deserve to lessen the environmental impact of construction. ABC may likewise be an reliable solution for environmentally sensitive issues, such as fish spawning season.
Improved qualityConstruction in climate-managed settings reduces exposure to too much weather problems, which deserve to affect the quality of bridge facets.
Easier to construct Better planning and more reliable procedures supplied by ABC reduce complexities and also aid prevent unintended building problems.
Eliminates “bump at the bridge”Geofabricated reinforcement eliminates this common bridge-construction worry.
Easier to make transforms on-siteIt’s simpler to make changes to bridge components in a controlled atmosphere off-website than a busy building site.
Reduces possibility of utility interruptionsBetter project monitoring and also style, coupled via shorter building times, deserve to reduce the opportunity of cases that could cause utility outeras.
Easier to install utilities

Most energy components are currently built off-site. It’s safer and easier to install them on an inenergetic bridge and tie them into existing framework when a bridge is moved right into area.

Three Key Factors for ABC Bridge Design


According to a groundbreaking research by the Strategic Highway Research Program, there are 3 determinants that have to to be integrated in an ABC bridge style. The bridge should be:

1. As light as possible

All bridge components — including energy and also various other infrastructure elements — should be designed and also arisen so they are straightforward to carry and also install.If the bridge is being repaired, the updays should boost the fill rating of existing piers and structures. Tip: Removing heavy, old utility framework through newer and also lighter systems is an excellent, often overlooked means to lighten the bridge fill.

2. As easy as possible

The style have to call for the leastern number of girders, field splices, and bracing systems possible.In addition, it shouldn’t require short-term bracing that hregarding be rerelocated, which slows building and construction.

3. As straightforward to erect as possible

Any style should minimize the number of workers required on-site and cast-in-place operations, and incorporate no falseoccupational frameworks required for prefabricated elements and also units. A good ABC bridge design need to not require complex geomeattempt that needs customized components.Utility elements must be designed to need the leastern number of employees to install, and also not interfere with less complicated bridge deindications.

Did you know? According to the FHA, ABC have the right to be the most cost- effective means to construct a bridge, especially once full task costs, consisting of right-of-way acquisition, project administration, maintenance of traffic, environmental mitigation, energy replace, escalation and railroad flagging services, are thought about.

ABC is Taking Hold


More and even more regional agencies are leveraging innovative ABC techniques:

Almany one hundred bridges using GRS-IBS have actually been designed or created in the USA because October 2010.More than 800 bridges have actually been built making use of PBES in the exact same timestructure.Several states have actually properly built bridges making use of slide-in bridge building, the newest of these modern technologies.

More bridge videos: You deserve to learn a great deal from accelerated bridge building and construction videos, so examine out this one. It shows the installation of a pair of slide-in bridges on busy Highway 84 in Connectireduced. Here’s another watch.

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If your company hasn’t fully adopted ABC approaches, it might be time to start taking advantage of them. With even more bridges requiring replacement and repair, it can make your firm even more competitive. And given that many ABC jobs offer performance incentives, leveraging increased bridge construction could make your firm even more profitable too.