Eextremely girl desires to have lengthy hair once in lifetime, and hair extensions deserve to satisfy their needs perfectly. However, exactly how lengthy is enough for you? Products with various size will certainly carry you a completely new appearance. Therefore, Hair length is among the most crucial factors you must consider. Right now, Beequeenhair offers hair extensions with the length ranging from 6 inches to 32 inches. However, we have the right to make much longer hair extensions based on customers’ needs.

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Quick hairstyles:

10 Inch Hair: tape in hair, weave hair or wig is about 25 centimeters in length so it is suitable for brief or bob hairstyles.12 Inch Hair:  Natural hair length that reaches the chin or longer will be transcreated into shoulder size hair through closures, frontal,  weave hair, and so on.

Medium hairstyles:

14 Inch Hair: 14 inch hair weaves, tape, clip ins are incredibly renowned and also frequently liked by girls that want to have medium hair.16 Inch Hair: 16 inch keratin hair, clip in hair, and so on deserve to transcreate short hairlayouts into hair that extends previous the collar bone.18 Inch Hair: these weave hair, lace frontal, wig hair for girls that want to reach the middle of your earlier or a bit shorter.20 Inch Hair: You herbal brief hair have the right to reach to the middle of the earlier through 20 inch clip ins in a snap just.22 Inch Hair: Hair is really long hair getting to your rib so applying tape hair, weave hairs, keratin hair, etc. are incredibly suitable for girls through soft character.

Long hairstyles:

28 Inch Hair: If you wear a wig through this size, these hair extensions have the right to reach to your waist, also over if your body is not as well tall.30 Inch Hair: Beautiful, lengthy and also smooth 30 inch clip ins, tape, lace frontal hair extensions have the right to give your hair a suitable length which have the right to reach your hip.32 Inch Hair: This is the longest hair extensions presently which have the right to reach to your thigh. The length of 80 cm hair weaves, clip ins, wigs will actually make you surprised through a Rapunzel look.

The size of our assets likewise counts on the texture. With the very same size, the wavy hair looks shorter than directly hair, but longer than curly hair. The reason is that this hair size is measured as soon as the hair strand is in right create.

6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30 and 32 inch hair size chart weave humale hair extensions

Hair size deserve to be divided according to the location it ends up such as ear length, chin size, shoulder size, armpit length, mid back size, and so on Chin size is brief haircut, while ear size is a really short haircut, shoulder length is of tool length while mid back size is really long hair length.

The longer your hair is, the more options to style it. You can make up-perform, French twists, and also chignons and also tons of hairlayouts for both everyday life and also occasional occasions. . The hair size additionally brings out the feeling of femininity so that world normally describe long hair woguys as girly, mild, gentle, and so on. With lengthy hair extensions, you deserve to look graceful, sexy, and also intricate whenever before you desire even if you wear simply jeans and also t-shirt.



Brief hair is perfect for girls that can’t stand also the warm in summer. It helps you continue to be cool. Brief hair extensions are rather even more convenient to use than long hair extensions because you don’t have to style a lot prior to wearing them. One even more benefit of short hair is that it saves you many time for shampooing and drying. At the same time, you needn’t take a lot initiative to take treatment of them. You will certainly look absolutely energetic, strong, and even even more experienced via this hair size.

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If you constantly desire to change your hairstyle without affecting your beloved natural hair, hair extensions of Beequeenhair is your heroine. With miscellaneous length, textures, and colors you deserve to have a brand brand-new appearance whenever before you desire. Our products are all below to make your beauty shine.