How do you think if sooner or later, you own a lengthy hair as much as 24 inches? Not many civilization have the right to raise their hair so regarding be long favor that bereason it takes many time and also cares. However before, we have a wonderful means to assist you to complete this wish. It is using 24 inch hair extensions of Beequeenhair. So what are personalities of 24 inch extensions, let’s find in this post.

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1. What is Beequeenhair’s 24 inch hair extensions?– Length:

As their name, these extensions have actually the size of 24 inches which is around 60 centimeters. It can reach over your hip, also reach your behind if you are not as well tall. This size will certainly actually make you exceptional in the crowd because it is very lengthy and also have the right to make many different textures.



– Textures:

We supply all kinds of hair textures for miscellaneous requirements such as right, wavy, curly, water wavy, kinky, yaki, fumi, and many facility kinds which are approximately demands of the buyers.



2. Qualities of 24 inch hair extensions– Quality:

Beequeenhair’s 24 inch extensions are 100% made from Vietnam remy and also virgin hair. Hairs’ beginning are always clear and truthful so that customers never before have to concern of the top quality of products. We make certain that hair extensions are always beautiful, smooth and shiny. Thanks to contemporary technology and also skillful employees, our products never meet problems such as shedding, lice, nits or tangles to lug to customers the best results.

– Colors:

Although 24 inch hair extensions are rather lengthy, we have the right to also dye various colors for them. Our palettes are always highly appreciated because they are beautiful, impressive and suitable with customer’s hair shade.

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– Standards:

We have actually criteria of single drawn hair, double attracted hair, super double drawn hair and an additional one referred to as one- donor hair. The volume of lengthy hair via the ideal length will increase slowly which provides proper options for customers’ demands.