This Chesapeake just crustacean is most likely the many enduring price of Maryland. Mature, Maryland blue crabs average five to 7 inches across, and are many plentiful from so late springs through the fall, return crabmeat is easily accessible fresh or pasteurized year-round.

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Crab FAQs

Q. how Many civilization Will A Bushel that Maryland steamed Blue Crabs Feed?

A. typically speaking, a bushel the number 1 or “Jimmy” crabs will hold 60 – 70 crabs relying on how large the crabs are at that time that year. If there space 60 – 70 crabs, they will certainly feed around 10 – 12 people depending top top what rather is top top the menu. If you have actually all type of food, such together salads, warm dogs, chicken, etc., you’ll most likely need fifty percent as plenty of crabs. If girlfriend serve just steamed crabs, clams, corn and also beverages, you’ll need the whole bushel.

Q. Why Can’t I keep Cooked Maryland Blue Crabs In The same Basket They came In as soon as I purchased Them?

A. Live Maryland blue crabs, like many other animals, save on computer bacteria which have the right to be transmitted easily. Crabs that have been properly cooked will be, for all useful purposes, bacteria totally free since the bacteria will have actually been killed throughout the food preparation process. Therefore, the cooking crab is all set to eat directly from the shell; if cook crabs come in call with uncooked crabs, cross-contamination can occur.

Q. have the right to I Freeze steamed Maryland Blue Crabs?

A. The Seafood Marketing program does not recommend freezing steamed crabs due to the fact that of the potential for bacterial growth. The undigested food the crab has actually eaten and also the wastes in the interior of the crab take it a lengthy time to freeze in home freezers and increase the threat of bacter growth. We suggest the crab it is in cleaned first: remove the shell, legs, intestines, claws and also fat. Just the meat-containing parts of “Body” and also claws the the crab need to be frozen. This frozen crab meat is finest used for soups or casseroles.

Q. exactly how Should I take care of Crab vegetable Soup after It has Been Cooked?

A. Fill her sink with cold water, ar the pot of soup in the sink and also stir because that 10 minutes to speed up cooling. Fill small containers (pints or quarts) through soup, cover and refrigerate immediately. Perform not placed the totality pot of soup in the refrigerator v lid intact because this could cause spoilage.

Q. How deserve to I Tell as soon as Crab meat i do not care Spoiled?

A. Spoiled crab meat is sticky, has an ammonia odor and is yellowish in color. Crab meat have to remain fresh for three to five days after it is purchased. Keep in the coldest component of her refrigerator.

Q. Where do Soft Shelled Crabs Come From?

A. A difficult crab need to molt or melted its shell in order come grow. When it molts, the is in the soft state the is typically recognized together a “soft covering crab.” The “shedding” that a hard crab most frequently occurs in controlled “shedding tanks”. The soft crab must be gotten rid of from the tank within a an extremely short time before it begins to harden as soon as again. In Maryland, crabs molt from may through September.

Q. have the right to I Send steam Maryland Blue Crabs or Crab meat To loved ones Who Live out Of State?

A. several crab processors have actually the capability to ship live or steam crabs and also pasteurized crab meat to practically any destination in the joined States. Several of these processors do have actually minimum stimulate stipulations. For more information, contact the Seafood Marketing routine at (410) 841-5820.

Q. how Long can I keep Live Crabs and also What Is The ideal Storage Method?

A. Live crabs will continue to be alive for roughly 6-8 hrs if: 1. The crabs purchased were refrigerated and are retained refrigerated at home. Perishability will be high if the crabs are not refrigerated. 2. Castle were no refrigerated as soon as purchased (i.e. If they were purchased off a truck or you captured them yourself) and you deserve to either refrigerate lock or store them the end in a shaded, cool, airy container such as a crab bushel basket. In one of two people case, some will certainly die and also some will live a lot longer than 8 hours. Before steaming the crabs, you might “chill” lock in the refrigerator; the cold temperature makes them inactive and also easier to placed in the steamer. This also helps to store the legs and also claws on throughout cooking. If girlfriend have ever tried to placed room temperature crabs in a pot, you recognize how energetic they deserve to be.

Q. Does fresh Picked Crab meat save on computer Salt?

A. follow to the Maryland department of Health and also Mental Hygiene, by law Maryland licensed crab processors should use only water to vapor the crabs because that fresh or pasteurized crab meat. The just time a salt systems is offered is in the handling of machine-picked crab meat. Processors should list additive (including salt) ~ above the can. In the case of steamed crabs offered by the bushel, seasonings may have been included such as salt and also seafood seasoning. Maryland go not regulate additives for steamed crabs. Therefore, if you room on a sodium limited diet, vapor your own crabs or purchase fresh hand-picked meat to it is in safe.

Q. deserve to I Freeze fresh Crab meat?

A. We indicate the crab meat first be put in a semi-prepared type such together crab cakes, casserole or soup prior to freezing. Freezing new crab meat toughens the meat, and dries it out. Top quality is shed in the product once it is frozen in the can. Store all set dishes in the freezer for 3-6 months, yet remember that the longer it is stored, the an ext it will certainly toughen and dry out; setup to use it soon.

Q. have the right to I frozen Live Soft Crabs?

A. A soft crab is a hard shell crab that has just melted its shell in order to grow. The “soft” crab state is only temporary and is harvested before the shell hardens. It deserve to be frozen successfully by utilizing the adhering to procedure that “dressing” the soft crab: 1. Cut off the face behind the eyes through a pair that scissors. 2. Reduced off the opposite end (apron) the same means as the face. 3. Elevator the peak (paper like) covering on both sides and also snip the end the lungs. 4. To wash the soft crab and also individually wrap it in one air-tight freezer wrap. Store in the freezer increase to 3 months. If they’re not frozen, eat the soft crabs within 2 days. Once the soft crab has been dressed, the whole crab may be eaten.

Q. just how Long have the right to I save Pasteurized Crab meat, steam Crabs and also Fresh Crab meat?

A. Pasteurized crab meat has been handle in a controlled atmosphere that enables the customer to save it safe in the refrigerator (not freezer) for about six months. When it has been opened, it has the exact same shelf life as fresh crab meat. New crab meat will store 3-5 work in the refrigerator. The best method to keep it is by neighboring the crab meat with ice. Clear the end the vegetable or meat keeper in the refrigerator and also store the crab meat in the with numerous ice. Steam crabs might be maintained in the refrigerator because that 5-7 days. Make sure to keep them in an air-tight plastic bag. They should be refrigerated as quickly as feasible after steaming. The longer they remain at room temperature, the much more bacterial development will occur.

Q. have the right to I chef Dead Maryland Blue Crabs?

A. No! We indicate only food preparation live blue crabs. As soon as the blue crab has died, bacterial growth occurs. This rule is the same for lobsters and other “live” shellfish.

Q. may I Eat Blue Crabs top top A short Cholesterol Or low Fat Diet?

A. Yes, back Maryland blue crabs have much more cholesterol than many other varieties of seafood, it contains only 85 mg in a 3 oz cooked serving–the identical of skinny ground beef. Therefore, moderate quantities of crabmeat might be permitted within your diet. It is best to examine with your medical professional or a registered dietitian.

NUTRITION FACTSServing dimension 3 ounces (85 g)
Amount every Serving
Calories 89Calories native fat 22
% everyday Value*
Total Fat 3g
Saturated Fat 1g
Cholesterol 95 mg
Sodium 274 mg
Protein 16g
Vitamin A 2%·Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 10%·Iron 11%

Crab meat is an excellent source that high top quality protein, an extremely low in fat, especially saturated fat, is a high resource of phosphorus, zinc and also copper and a good source that calcium and iron.

A keep in mind on Cholesterol

High blood cholesterol is only partially identified by the amount of cholesterol friend eat in foods. Significant health establishments such as the American heart Association and the national Academy of scientific researches recommend a daily limit the 300 milligrams.

When blood cholesterol is high the is mainly the result of eating too much saturated fat. Saturated fat is what transforms your body on to making cholesterol. Present recommendations encompass limiting the lot of saturation fat in your daily diet to less than one-third your complete fat entry or 20 milligrams every 2,000 calorie diet.

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Although crab meat consists of cholesterol, that is essential to keep in mind that crab meat is low in fat (3 grams per serving) and also especially short in saturation fat (1 gram every serving). If you are on a very restricted diet consult with your physician or registered dietitian.