The Metal equipment franchise started in 1987. And, since then, we"ve skilled some the the ideal games ever. However, how long go each require to beat?

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Phantom Pain using idroid
Hideo Kojima came to be known to the people through his Metal equipment franchise, which began in 1987. The auteur game designer remained with his creation until 2015 once he was fired native Konami, the firm he functioned with for almost thirty years. That went ~ above to kind his very own studio and also release the highly-acclaimed Death Stranding, and the franchise he produced was left in the dust with an unsure future.

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Fortunately, there is a many content come sift v from stealth-action series. Come prove this point, the adhering to list will rank the games in the series based on just how long they take to beat, v the times taken from Save in mind, not every location on the perform was operated on by Kojima.

Updated top top January 22nd, 2021, by Jason Wojnar: The much longer time go on there is no news around Metal Gear, the an ext the collection feels favor a relic that the past. It is almost a great thing to view such a legendary franchise actually end, due to the fact that few long-running collection actually get to rest. However, Metal Gear Solid have to never it is in forgotten. Titles like Metal gear Solid 2 and the initial 1998 playstations entry room revolutionary classics. To keep the an excellent name of Metal equipment alive, we decided to upgrade this list, including the spin-offs, consisting of non-canon ones. 

18 Metal equipment Solid V: ground Zeroes - (2 Hours)

MGS Strobe lights
Ground Zeroes served as a playable prologue come Metal equipment Solid V: The Phantom Pain. In spite of its quick length, it was still packaged and sold together a different product. Going through the main game takes less than 2 hours, yet completing every little thing it needs to offer will prolong the game time come literally ten time that.

part were much less than dazzling by the game"s format, but no one can argue against the gameplay, which finally perfected the stealth action formula.

The debut entry wasn"t a substantial hit at first, however it has garnered respect in hindsight for establishing a new genre. It might take four hours to run v from begin to finish, however it will certainly take much longer if one is going in there is no a strategy guide. Figuring the end what to do on one"s very own is a monumental task because of the obtuse hints given to the player.

The 2nd game make under the Metal gear banner is an unofficially sequel made without Kojima"s involvement. Reportedly, the series" creator wasn"t even aware of its visibility until after ~ it came out. The video game still has actually its fans, however it is irregularity to the timeline and also can be skipped without absent anything.

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If there is one plus come come from its release, Kojima"s exploration of it caused him beginning work top top a true sequel, Metal equipment 2: heavy Snake.

Ghost babel video game play cardboard box
This titles was released in Japan as Metal equipment Solid: Ghost Babel. Portable adventures are few and far between for the series, and also this to be the very first one. 5 hours is no extremely quick for the hardware either. The is not canon, yet the gameplay really closely resembles Metal gear 2: heavy Snake, yet with aesthetic similarity to 1998"s Metal gear Solid. The developer did a great job the translating the console gameplay come the portable device.

The very first official sequel substantially expanded ~ above the stealth ide of the predecessor. Snake had much more tools in his possession and also the story upped the complexity. Unfortunately, phibìc American gamers to be left out of the funny for around fifteen years, because it didn"t check out a relax in the says until 2006"s once Metal gear Solid 3: Subsistence came come the west.

by then, many of its innovations had become quaint, however it is quiet worth play as a curiosity. Ultimately, however, 1998"s Metal gear Solid reused numerous of the same principles to far much better effect.

In terms of canon, Metal gear Rising: Revengeance is the furthest into the future players get to check out of the franchise. Platinum games took the reins for this stylish action game spin-off, and it stands side by side v the finest games the developer needs to offer, together as Bayonetta.

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The plot continues and also expands top top themes familiar to fans, looking at them native a different perspective. If seven hours is short, brand-new game plus increases replay value, a standard facet for the genre.

The pair Snakes is a GameCube exclusive remake of 1998"s Metal gear Solid. That takes the exact same level design and also lets football player sneak v Shadow Moses v all the gameplay renovations from Metal equipment Solid 2. While the narrative stays identical, some fans took issue with the ridiculous action sequences portrayed in the cinematics. Additionally, the level from the PlayStation video game do not constantly lend us to mechanics prefer hanging end railings or holding up guards in ~ gunpoint.

The 1998 title was franchise"s an initial foray right into 3D. Upon relax it blew up, do both the series and that creator household names. Play it today, it is simple to view why it to be such a phenomenon. Also without the advancements, the sequels brought to the table, sneaking approximately Shadow Moses together Snake feels just as great as the did over 20 years ago.

Portable Ops to be the appetizer fans had to organize themselves over between Metal gear Solid 3 and Metal gear Solid 4. The PSP"s lack of double analog support produced some cutbacks in game play, yet the developers regulated to do it work.

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Anything lacking in the core video game play was made up for through the mechanic that recruiting soldiers and developing brand-new equipment, miscellaneous which would be heavily broadened upon in Peace walker and The Phantom Pain.

While no a launch title, Metal equipment Solid 2 was one of the very first titles to truly present off the PS2"s capabilities. Not only were the game play and also graphics outstanding, yet its narrative said a story unlike anything else the medium had actually seen before.

Those about at the moment of release will remember among the industry"s best shockers as soon as it came to light the Snake was not the main playable protagonist. Eventually, players concerned love Raiden simply as much as the legend grizzled soldier lock played together for the three prior games.

Before Metal gear Solid: Portable Ops, the PSP got a wild card video game spin-off of the franchise called Metal equipment AC!D. The sequel manages to be significantly shorter on the key path, yet extra goodies manage to extend the runtime. The game came v a pair of 3D glasses, permitting the whole game to be play this way. Extr cinematics were unlocked throughout the project for city hall in 3D, consisting of cutscenes from Metal gear Solid 3 and also steamier videos the models.

In Japan, this came packaged in v the re-release Metal equipment Solid: Integral. This upgrade never ever came out in the west, therefore the VR goals were sold as a different game. Around 300 exist in all. Unfortunately, this game is taken into consideration to be among the weaker entries in the collection overall. The stealth absolutely holds up, yet the shoot in the 1998 title to be never specifically smooth, and its flaws present when there is no story pushing the player forward.

Metal gear Solid 2"s cliffhanger begged because that a resolution. In classic Kojima fashion, the next title to be a prequel wherein none that the former game"s burning questions were answered. Instead, football player explored big Boss"s origins on a fateful mission means back in 1964. The setup helps do it a good introduction because that newcomers while offering hardcore pan a brand-new perspective on the lore.

This 2010 portable title rearranged the series" formula come work much better on the PSP. Levels were made into digestible bite-sized chunks which might be completed in ten minute or so, and also a slew of bonus goals gave game play alternatives for gaming on the go.

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while eighteen hrs may it is in an average, gaining all the mileage the end of that will conveniently take double as long.

The cool finale showed not to be the end of the series, however it to be Solid Snake"s last journey. See him as an old guy was heartbreaking, yet he walk out through a bang. Several of the plot twists and resolutions to be disappointing come longtime fans, but the video game play was great and the drama to be still filled through hard-hitting emotional moments.

One small drawback is the absence of post-game content. Besides the now defunct Metal gear Online, there room no bonus missions.

The first entry that this spin-off series is aesthetically method different than the sequel. It lacks the cartoonish watch the second entry would at some point embrace. Do a turn-based spin-off with cards to be an interesting move, however it makes sense. A real-time stealth game requires undivided attention, i m sorry is not always easy to have actually when who is play on a train or bus. 21 hrs is likewise a beefy runtime for a portable adventure.

The many recent entry in the series is one many would favor to forget. Kojima had currently long since left the company, and also the zombie survive title each other the collection in just its name and also a few aesthetic touches.

as sad together it is to view the series reduced to this level, at least Kojima"s most recent title, Death Stranding, carries the torch, transferring a unique narrative-driven suffer unlike any other in the AAA gaming space.

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The Phantom Pain is noticeably unfinished. One comes to a suggest in the narrative where the story beelines in the direction of a conclusion and also tons the exposition is dumped on the player at once. Regardless of this, the video game still manages to store players populated for almost fifty hours.

Additionally, it is just one of the finest action-adventure games of its console generation. The series may never reach the exact same heights, but couple of franchises ever before get this fantastic, therefore fans need to be thankful for what they acquired from the collection instead the mourning what never involved be.

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