I am playing with everything on 1.5+2.5 Final Mix for the first time. I beat 1 and also loved it! Now I'm around an hour into Re:COM and I can't stand also it...How long deserve to I suppose to be playing this? Is this a lot shorter than KH1?


Its waaay shorter if you run via and skip the majority of of the fights yet its a lot harder. Protip: use sleights versus bosses, particularly Lethal Frame. Oh and Riku's story after u beat Sora's is ridiculously brief.

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Ive bought the damn point 4 times and also i still dont favor it. Once on each platcreate its been released on smh

It’s really based on exactly how lengthy you want it to be. KH ReCoM is most likely the shortest kingdom hearts game but it have the right to additionally be the hardest if you don’t pick up just how to play it later on right into the game

I desire it to be an hour lengthy, so I can be done and relocate on. Are tright here any type of various other games in the series with this style of gameplay? If so, I think I should've just picked up the main 3...

I made the same article when i played it. I was the exact same length for me through playing Riku's story as well. I learned to prefer it by the second half part, because i learned just how to build my deck. Also, at LVL 57(?) you gain a spell that kills virtually everyone on the fight so it was straightforward to farm to lvl 70.

Riku's playstile is a lot much better. And much faster too i guess.

My just regret is that i rushed the series to obtain to KH3, i would certainly enjoyed them much more if i took my time.

I resently finimelted ReCoM first time, and also i kinda preferred the combat. Sompoint els for once from what i am supplied to. But prefer others currently say, it gets way simpler if u have actually lethal frame unlocked. And also sonic blade is remarkable. I simply construct decks approximately those 2 and also spam triangle button!

I think I put around 20 into Sora's story, then one more 5 for Riku. Riku's area is much better, by the way. It adds in some mechanics that emphasis means even more on the card system's staminas, and also fixes your deck so the obstacle is much less about picking which cards you desire to use and even more around finding out your deck in each world and figuring out exactly how to uncover the exact card you need.

If you’re going for the plat...way as well lengthy.

Plat took me over 80-90 hrs (don’t remember). Post-game grinding took over 50% of that).

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This is just one of the the majority of divisive titles in the fanbase. Some people love it(myself included). And some hate it. It’s a really good game and also the basics of the combat are still the same from 1, although its more strategic given that you need to build your deck and also play a little safer. The just point i deserve to say to civilization that hate it is “acquire gud scrub”

Starting to not hate it now that I've played a tiny even more. It's not poor, I still a lot favor KH1.


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