On "unnecessary" ED visits: lift reading

right here are a bunch of an extremely informative pieces on why trying to blame excessive costs or busy-ness on short acuity patient in the ED is, at be...

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My mam is a dietitian and a very good, healthy and balanced cook. This particular day she was food preparation some Brussels sprouts (which I, evidently incorrectly, have been phone call "brussel sprouts") and also it brought up a great lesson in how hard it is to try to eat healthily in America. Rather, I simply finished 26th grade and my wife went to school for this and has literally excellent this for a life for almost a decade, and also yet we can"t number out what we"re eating.We have a 1-pound bag of Brussels sprouts:
1 pound bag = 454 grams
According to the label, the serving dimension is 4 sprouts, or 84g, which consists of 40 calories.

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There room 5 servings per container, which must be 20 sprouts in the bag for a total of 200 calories.
The label (photo) is similar to the official USDA label(image above).My wife counted how many sprouts came in the bag, and also we have 40, not the 20 the label states we should have actually (4 sprouts every serving x 5 servings). Which, on the one hand, is great, because, hey, who doesn"t want complimentary Brussels sprouts?So does our bag just have actually really little sprouts? Or do we have a 400-calorie bag that Brussels sprouts?
4 of our sprouts in a 1-cup measuring cup
10 of our sprouts in a 1-cup measure cup
This looks choose So how do we figure out the nutrition content? carry out we have actually 10 servings the Brussels sprouts and there are 400 calories? Or, perform use our measuring cup and we have 160 calories?My suggest here isn"t the I desire bigger sprouts, or "hey watch the Brussels sprouts world don"t know just how to carry out math!" but again, I just finished 26th grade and my wife went to school for this and also has literally excellent this for a living for almost a decade, and yet we can"t figure out what we"re eating.