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100 job of Possibility

For 100 days, from planet Overshoot Day come COP26 in Glasgow, we highlighted the numerous ways we can #MoveTheDate

Earth Overshoot Day clues the day when humanity’s demand for ecological resources and services in a provided year above what earth can regenerate in the year. In 2021, it fell on July 29.

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We recognize it can be overwhelming come think around the various effects of an international ecological overshoot such together climate change, biodiversity loss, and also extreme weather occasions (to surname a few). However, prospering lives in ~ the method of our world are no out that reach.

For 100 work of Possibility, we highlighted methods for each country, city, or business to all set themselves because that a human being increasingly identified by overshoot. These responses likewise #MoveTheDate of earth Overshoot Day. Examine out the latest systems (at right), or explore solutions from 100 work of opportunity that have already been unveiled (button below).



Check the end the video clip at left special 100 job of possibility solutions that are already being adopted one city, one country, one company, one entity, one separation, personal, instance at a time. Because that the previous 100 days, we’ve highlighted services every day; but we understand they are just the beginning.

City and also business leaders from approximately the civilization described a job they’ve to be creating, implementing, or overseeing which demonstrably contributes come build a preferable future because that the community influenced by that project, hence helping #MoveTheDate of earth Overshoot Day.

Thriving resides within the means of our earth are no out that reach. Plenty of services exist in five major areasfor boosting sustainability: planet, cities, energy, food, and also population.


The #MoveTheDate services map is your go-to place to post and browse pertinent information around active jobs (“solutions”) that contribute to happen human task in balance through Earth’s environmental budget. This way moving the day of planet Overshoot Day to December 31 or later.

Explore the map to find solutions that have actually been imposed in your country, or create an account and include a solution that friend love.

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Earth Overshoot work is one initiative of an international Footprint Network, an international research company that is transforming the method the world measures and manages its natural resources. The date of earth Overshoot work is calculated with data from an international Footprint Network’s nationwide Footprint and also Biocapacity Accounts, available for complimentary at data.footprintnetwork.org.