Hi all, I'm make the efforts to occupational out this problem listed below using oxidation numbers. One of two people my system is wrong, or the answer are.

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Here's the question:

"In the unbalanced equation shown listed below how many moles of electrons are transferred every mole of reduce agent?

C2O42- + MnO4- -> CO2 + Mn2+ "

I found the oxidation numbers as:

Left hand side:

C = +3

O = -2

Mn = +7

Right hand side:

C = +4

O = -2

Mn = +2

From this i concluded the C2O42- to be the to reduce agent, since it was oxidized and also it lose electrons (increase in oxidation number). The oxidation variety of C goes indigenous +3 to +4, for this reason isn't the one mole of electron transferred?

The answer claims that it's 10 moles of electrons transferred, yet the answer may not be fully correct.

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Yeah, both the question and also the answer it seems ~ to be messed up. Firstly, it is impossible to ever balance the equation you have listed, since carbon dioxide and oxalate have oxygen and carbon in the same ratio. Therefore, the oxygen indigenous permanganate will never ever be maybe to show up on the right side that the equation, definition that the equation isn't the yes, really equation the the reaction, unbalanced or otherwise.

Properly, there should be protons on the left together well, allowing the development of water ~ above the right.

As for the answer, each mole that oxalate does undoubtedly supply 2 moles of electrons. Composing the fifty percent reactions:

C2O42- --> 2CO2 + 2e-

MnO4- + 8H+ + 5e- --> Mn2+ + 4H2O

Therefore, creating the as whole reaction:

5C2O42- + 2MnO4- + 16H+ --> Mn2+ + 4H2O +10CO2

As you can see, 10 electrons are transferred in its entirety in the balanced reaction, but due to the fact that there space 5 mole of oxalate, just 2 electrons space transferred every mole of to reduce agent.

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Oh, i see. Ns didn't realize the C2O42- --> 2CO2 + 2e- was the right half-reaction. For some factor I forgot to realize the there were 2 C in the oxalate and also one in the carbon dioxide. That makes much more sense, thanks!


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